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Are your domain, website, and information secured?

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Securing your information is the key to hold your business together, especially when it comes to new ideas and startups.

A domain comes from an idea and turns into a startup. What you would definitely not want for your idea is to be ruined or stolen.

Similarly, your domain is a bag full of ideas and personal information that you ought to keep safe from all kinds of cheats, frauds, and unauthorized accesses.

A simple way to keep it all safe and secure is by providing “Domain Privacy and Protection”.

Keep that personal information, Personal!

Buying a domain is pretty exciting with everything new and basic. When you buy a domain, you always get a pop up showing “domain privacy” as well.

Domain privacy and protection are said to be two different things, let’s find out how.

When some person of a company buys a domain name, they are required to provide all their personal and legal information. The accuracy of that information should be maintained with the exact information as given in their documents.

Now, there is an international governing body for domain names called the ICANN. The ICANN needs everyone who’s registering to maintain a database that is viewed by everyone as the “WHOIS” database.

This WHOIS database shows the personal information of everyone who’s registered their domain with their phone numbers and email ids.

It is a positive and important point to know who runs the website and what is there to trust them. However, sometimes some people use such a database to take numbers and emails for wrongdoings, providing a threat to the person’s personal information.

Another problem faced by the people registering is that there is already a challenge to be faced in the market to maintain the balance of the business. If during such important tasks, one gets a lot of spams and emails from telemarketing or marketing sources, it only makes it more difficult to manage things and work on them properly.

People from small companies often use this technique of scraping email ids and phone numbers for their purpose of marketing and branding. Though sometimes it is a pure business technique, it only takes a minute to throw you off the balance of the work.

Such emails and phone calls always act as a disturbing element unless and a total waste of time. You obviously do not want to get stuck with such telemarketing people having your phone number and email id.

Maintaining the privacy of your information

How to get yourself out of such problems?

How to be sure that yours is not the next number to receive spam calls or texts, even through emails?

The simple solution to such threat incurring questions is to buy Domain Privacy + Protection.

When you opt for buying Domain Privacy + Protection, you are making sure that your information is kept out of the WHOIS database. Now you can stay away from spams and can declare your business and work to be your only time consuming factors.

The more you drive your car straight and clear towards the finish line, the more the unwanted elements will be left behind. Similarly, all you need to do after buying domain privacy and protection is to focus on your company’s goal and leave the issues of deleting and ignoring the time-consuming emails and calls.

Maintaining the privacy & protection of your information

Just like 2 fingers can poke harder, privacy wit protection can secure your information strongly than can do it solely.

Just like every domain registrar provides some privacy to your domain name, similarly, we at provide privacy and protection to take it a step further.

When privacy keeps you out of the unwanted and time-consuming trouble, protection helps you get far away from hackers, human error, and unauthorized accesses.

Our method of providing domain privacy and protection offers complete security and safety to your domain and website from all kinds of threats and issues.

We are adept at scanning and identifying malware and blacklists to keep your domain up and about with the standard and reputation it deserves. When blacklists disturb your marketing and website traffic, the malware provides a serious threat of malfunction to your website.

Managing and taking care of your domain and website is just as important as worrying about its success rate. Having a backed up plan is always a good option when some risk knocks on the door.

Having well-prepared protection and privacy system will let you achieve your goal with a smooth ride.

And, If you are confused about the domain name still being yours after your information is not shown on the WHOIS database, you need not worry.

It is you and will be yours only. You will still own your domain name with complete power and control over it.

How to implement buying domain privacy & protection

There are two ways of adding the domain privacy & protection on your domain name, it is either you add it before registering the domain name or after it. Though, the best option to do it is to add it before registering the domain name.

If you add it before registering then this way your information never goes public or is showed in the WHOIS database.

It is just a precautionary thing to do, adding it before it goes public, only if you do wish to keep it private. Unless there is no such hard and fast rule to add it before registering.

If you are ok with showing your information to the public for some period of time, then adding the domain privacy & protection can be easily done after registering the domain name. 

The only thing to keep in mind if you wish to add it after registering is that the database takes some time to get rid of your information and clear the data caches from public view.

So, it is not a huge problem you see. It all depends on you and your domain name.

You want to take your privacy and solutions to the next level then add the domain privacy & protection before registering your domain name.

Any help required in managing and keeping your information secured and protected is our job. Join hands to reach a new level of security and awareness, just for your brand and business. 

Ruby Singh is a professional content writer and is working for several Magazines including Thrive Global, ReadWrite, Buzzfeed, etc. As her major project, she is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads

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