Building a business from the very beginning takes quite some time and effort as compared to the readymade stores.

A readymade store gives a straight way to the business of your dreams. On the other hand, building a store from the very beginning needs helping hands.

A complete “DONE FOR YOU” e-commerce business model that is 100% newbie-friendly

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If you want your store complete and newbie-friendly, then we have just the deals for you. By taking this step you can save yourself from months of work on research, writing, and finally building your website.

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Take a closer look at what it takes to build a store yourself with us being your helping hands and providing-

  • Premium SEO Optimized Domain – Valued at $1,200
  • SEO-Optimized content, 800+ words per article, highly focused keywords – Valued at $500
  • Content Writers that charge as low as $2/100 words
  • Premium and Optimized design – Valued at $1500
  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Instagram)
  • 3 professional email account (
  • 3-5 winning products – Valued at $250
  • 3 Ad-sets and targeting options – Valued at $800
  • Complete roadmap to Success (Personally implemented and tested by Boss Funnel Team and Clients)
  • Marketing Team (if needed)
  • Domain and Hosting transfer

Total Value- $4,250


1. Identifying & Analyzing

The very first and important step is finding the potential niche for you. Then we move on to the right keywords that help in promoting the products of that niche.

If you know what you want for your niche. Amazing.

If not, no worries.

We research and provide you a great list to choose from.

01 Research Product Subcategories To Identify The Best Ecommerce Niches. 

02 Evaluate Those Business Ideas To See Your Niche Market. 

03 Do Keyword Research To Evaluate Your Chances And Ideal Clients. 

04 Find a prefect SEO Optimized Domain name. 

05 Conduct keyword research. 

06 Find trends and put the big picture in perspective.

07 Examine social media. 

2. Researching for products & Suppliers

Researching for your e-commerce market is a step as important as any other. Knowing the market status of your niche is one of the good points of work. It will teach you if your niche is in demand or not.

However you feel about your idea of niche, the must thing to do is to spend a good time on evaluating market demand and having the facts right and in-check.

08 Finding 3-5 Winning Products. 

09 Product Description Copywriting. 

10 Adding quality Banners and Images.

11 Adding Products to the Store and Optimizing them

3. Designing and Development work

Keeping your e-commerce store colorful and attractive is not going to help. You need to understand what the customer needs to see in your store along with the right color and presentation. This will take you on a high level and will increase the sales of your e-commerce store.

Understanding how to design the store as per the customers helps to generate sales and increase profitability.

12 Design Customization with Responsive Design.

13 Adding the right Payment Gateway.

14 Installing important apps.

15 Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes.

4. Planning the Content as per the SEO and the Development work

Writing just for the sake of it will never be fruitful. Understanding the keywords related to your niche and writing an engaging and SEO optimized content is something of crucial importance. An organized and disciplined approach is compulsory to create content that attracts prospects to your page who are ready to buy now. 

16 Implement on-page SEO for ecommerce product pages.

17 Generate Trending Content focusing your Keywords.

18 Talk to Your Customers. 

19 Strategizing Content Marketing and Distribution.

20 Link building for Authority.

5. Handing the work to you with an ongoing Support

After everything is complete, we hand you the control of your store. Buy, we don’t leave you alone. We are there to help you and support you in the ongoing content work and SEO efforts (if you need us).

21 Creation of Social Media Profiles.

22 Project Manager allotment for Further Support.

24 Virtual Assistant allotment for Further Changes.

25 Content Writers for as low as $2/100 words.

GET ON BOARD NOW and make everything easy, simple, and successful.


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