In this article, we will talk about dropshipping for beginners: what it iswhat is the basic principlehow to start, and much more!

Dropshipping for Beginners: What is Dropshipping?

The word dropshipping came directly from the English language. The word consists of two parts: drop and shipping, which in direct translation means “direct delivery

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Dropshipping, or a direct delivery contract, is one of the business models in which the intermediary does not have stocks of goods in the warehouse, but buys them directly from the manufacturer. You simply receive an order on your online store, you transfer the order to the supplier thus making a commission. The entire process of production, packing, and shipping is handled by the supplier.

Judge for yourself – you can open a business without being the manufacturer of the products. The manufacturer is responsible for delivery, you are just an intermediary between him and the buyer. Thus, dropshipping frees up the entrepreneur from solving several issues, such as inventory, logistics, and many more. Thus allowing them to focus on marketing, promotion and, actively working to increase sales.

No wonder dropshipping has become precisely popular in the field of electronic commerce and other areas of online sales. It makes it possible to start a business with a minimum start-up capital, requires fewer expenses in the process of work, is easy to scale, and allows potential customers to offer a wide range of product assortment.

Dropshipping is undoubtedly the easiest and safe trading scheme. The real chances of obtaining a stable income when working under the dropshipping scheme are not overshadowed either by the rental of retail premises, or by solving problems with stocks (you also do not depend on price fluctuations in the market), or by the availability of your own logistics database. All you need is an internet connection and some common sense.

On the other hand, dropshipping allows you to create a high level of profitability, since you are an intermediary and partially dependent on a third party, the monitoring of the fulfilment of obligations of which can be difficult.

Nevertheless, despite several difficulties and controversial issues, the work on the dropshipping model may be an ideal solution for organising a business. Dropshipping workflow in simple! So let’s try to understand all this in more detail. 

Dropshipping has three major entities and an online platform:

  • The first subject is the manufacturer. A manufacturer can be located in any part of the world, for example, traditionally the most popular are the Chinese factories and companies due to the cheapness and variety of choice.
  • The second subject is the seller or dropshipper, the owner of the outlet. The seller creates a working online platform, which they directly own and control, advertise it, in general –  A dropshipper simply sells a product created by the manufacturer.
  • The third subject is the client, the buyer. Someone interested in the goods being sold.
  • An online platform is a direct sales outlet. An online store on the Internet from which sales are made.

These three entities with an online platform describes the true meaning of the term “direct delivery”: the seller does not purchase the goods, but, if necessary, orders it from the manufacturer immediately to the customer’s address. At the same time, the customer does not know where the goods are coming from (from the intermediary’s warehouse or directly from the manufacturer), he simply receives the ordered item by mail or by courier.

That is why it is believed that a business through a dropshipping system does not require large investments, since there is no need to make purchases of products from a supplier.

The seller is only an intermediary who arranges the contact between the buyer and the manufacturer. Moreover, he adds a certain percentage of the cost of the product to the price as his profit. When he places an order with the seller, he simply pays the part of the amount to the manufacturer to place the order.

As a result, the earnings scheme looks like this:

  1. The client is interested in the goods that the intermediary advertised (the organiser of the business- you);
  2. The buyer transfers the money to the intermediary account, ordering the goods;
  3. The intermediary takes his predetermined percentage, and transfers the amount required by the manufacturer (supplier) when placing the order;
  4. The supplier receives the order + the amount set by him and directly, without logos and other identification marks of his company, sends the ordered thing to the client.
  5. The client receives the order, not knowing where the thing he bought came from – from the warehouse of the intermediary or from the manufacturer itself.

It is important to consider that the client wants to quickly order the goods he needs. The vast majority of the population does not have time to search for the things they need for a long time both on Chinese and local sites. The buyer needs goods with fast and accurate delivery, therefore, to bring the customer to the purchase and eliminate all the problems that appear, this is the task of dropshipping business. The buyer gives an additional percentage of the cost for this.

With such trading activities, the intermediary is in a very favorable position. There is no danger that the money will be spent in vain by purchasing any product that will subsequently hang out in the warehouse for years without any demand.

The order is executed for money already paid by the client, which means that the risks for the intermediary are minimal.

The percentage that a dropshipping intermediary can earn ranges from 20 to 100% or even more. With a proper flow of customers, this is quite tangible. Choosing a product is also quite simple – manufacturers are ready to provide any product, from toothbrushes, to high technology.

Often, novice businessmen are interested in why manufacturers allow them to sell their products for an amount much higher than what they set and go for open cooperation in the dropshipping system. The fact is that a manufacturing enterprise, to stay afloat (or expand), must have a constant flow of customers. The more of them, the better and the more famous the brand. Due to which it is possible to purchase more raw materials for the funds received, which means more to produce.

To summarize this idea, we can say that it is vital for the manufacturer to have a constant flow of customers, and for the intermediary, to find the largest possible customer audience. This provides a productive symbiosis of both subjects.

Dropshipping for Beginners: Pros and Cons

Any business has its positive and negative points. Dropshipping is no exception.

Let’s start with the main advantages of (+) dropshipping:

The interaction of the seller of goods with its suppliers, based on this model, has several advantages. You can call a whole list, which will be especially relevant for the owner of a small business:

  • Wide range of goods. Due to the dropshipping feature, such as the absence of the need to purchase all the product items presented in the online store catalog, there are really great prospects for expanding the assortment;
  • Easy start. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, you don’t need the initial capital for the purchase of consignments of goods, which is especially important when working in topics with a large assortment of in a niche where products are of high cost;
  • Time-saving. It may take a lot of time to resolve issues related to order processing, storage, and delivery of goods. Especially if you are starting an online store business for the first time without having the appropriate experience. In this case, the supplier himself is responsible for all these issues;
  • Flexibility and independence. You can conclude cooperation agreements with any number of suppliers, not limited to one partner. This gives you not only flexibility in terms of assortment, but also the ability not to be dependent on only one of them;
  • Lack of a problem of the commodity remains. Since there is no need to buy goods in batches and store them in a warehouse, accordingly, there is no risk of encountering the problem of unsold stocks. In a number of niches, for example, when trading in trending products, this can become a real problem;
  • Cost reduction. You do not spend money on the delivery and storage of goods, do not pay customs duties, do not care about the relevance of contracts with manufacturers and other things that are not very interesting, but necessary for business. But all this would require an additional investment of money, which, for example, can be spent on promotion and increase sales.

There is no doubt that for most start-up entrepreneurs, the greatest advantage will be the need for minimal investment at the start. But other pluses are significant enough to draw attention to them.

These benefits will indeed be significant for newcomers to the business.

Dropshipping is a great way to get the first experience in making a profit from an online store. Subsequently, you can expand into the familiar version of the online platform with a warehouse and office, and you can develop in the dropshipping business.

There are several serious disadvantages( – ) in the direct supply system:

A dropshipping business is often seen as an easy way to start an e-commerce business. But like everything that sounds great in theory, in practice, it turns out to be not so rosy. So in this case, and here are the disadvantages of the dropshipping work model:

  • Low entry barrier. As the saying goes, here are two sides of the coin. What is perceived as an advantage, when a number of conditions are the same, can turn into one of the disadvantages. Due to the low barrier to entry into this niche, besides you, thousands of other sellers will (or have already) done so. As a result, successful competition may require considerable effort and a good advertising budget. You need to analyze the level of competition for the selected advertising channel well to make sure that it really suits you;
  • There will still be a lot of work. It will be necessary to write unique texts for product cards, if necessary, replace photos of goods that may be of poor quality, and generally conduct high-quality SEO optimization of the online store. In addition, in a number of niches with high competition, it may be necessary to involve specialists in design and usability in order to form their own unique style;
  • Features of profit formation. Working on the model of dropshipping, you earn from the commission, which is determined as the difference between the price of the supplier and your margin. Accordingly, it is advisable to start working only with goods that have a good margin, otherwise, the final price for the buyer will be uncompetitive;
  • Reputational risks. Not all suppliers treat their obligations in good faith, so problems with order processing on their side may damage your reputation. That is why it is recommended to work with several partners at once so that in the event of such a situation, the negative consequences for your business are minimal;
  • Difficulties in the formation of USP. The abbreviation “USP” stands for “unique selling proposition.” Why should visitors to your online store buy from you, and not from hundreds of other sellers who offer similar products? Given that part of the processes is completely dependent on the supplier, it is difficult to answer this question. You can, of course, try to compete in price, but this is a losing strategy in advance. On the other hand, in traditional e-commerce, due to the same order processing and logistics, one can stand out among competitors;
  • Difficulty in scaling. What happens if you successfully solve all the problems listed above? It is logical that sales begin to grow steadily. And here you can face another difficult task. Say, suddenly you will start to receive 50 or more orders per day. Is your supplier ready for this? Will it be able to satisfy such a volume of demand and, if necessary, allocate additional resources for you? Will orders be processed and delivered on time? You need to think about all these issues in advance because if you are ready to work on developing your business day and night, it is not a fact that your supplier will adhere to a similar position in relation to its partners.

But still, the prospect of facing all of these problems should not be the reason that will force you to abandon the attempt to build your own business. You just need to be prepared for the fact that reality can differ significantly from anticipated expectations.

The negative sides of the dropshipping models are vast. It depends from person to person or from product to product. So before stepping into this field, carefully weigh all for and against regarding your situation. For visual perception, let us conclude the advantages and disadvantages of a dropshipping business compared to a regular offline business in the table below.

Criteria for evaluationDirect deliveriesThe usual scheme
The need for large investmentsNot needed (+)Required to purchase goods (-)
WarehouseProducts are sent immediately to the customer, they do not need to be stored anywhere (+)Required for purchased items (-)
The quality of the goods soldEvaluate and control will not work (-)Easy but somewhat expensive to control (+)
OfficeIf you have a desire or a personal need to contain it (+)Necessarily required (-)
% arrivedYou can set a sufficiently large percentage (+)Product Dependent (±)
Market competitionHuge (-)Huge (-)

Items highlighted in (-) attributes are shortcomings or difficulties, therefore, special attention should be paid to them.

To decide whether it will be easy for you to cope with all the features of dropshipping, you can only analyze the information yourself. If you feel the strength to cope, feel free to study the material further.

Dropshipping for Beginners: Features and Other Aspects

Next, you need to pay attention to very important aspects of dropshipping that will point out the pitfalls of this business model.

Starting Financial Investments: How much is needed?

The fact that dropshipping does not require seed capital is not entirely true. Yes, the intermediary does not need to immediately look for a lot of money for the purchase of goods, the organization of space for its storage, and the creation of an office, but you still have to invest a certain amount. 

You may be able to get the first few orders without spending a dime, but the constant flow of customers who are willing to pay money for your products is the result of a well-designed and, naturally, paid advertising company as part of a reasonable marketing strategy. Without this, a decent income in dropshipping will not work.

It is also important to consider that you have to spend money on creating the online platform itself, for example an online store. Creating a site and its content costs decent money.

By the way, it is very important to fully describe the advantages of the product, take high-quality photos of the products, so that the buyer can get to know more about the product closely and “catch on”. This is especially true for decor items, clothing, jewelry, and so on.

Reliability and Transparency of the Dropshipping Model

The system of dropshipping of goods to the client is quite reliable. Pioneers in this model of doing business have already extracted and demonstrated the main mistakes and problems, therefore, the successful functioning of such a trading platforms is quite justified.

We said earlier that customers do not get to know where the goods are coming from — through an intermediary or directly from the manufacturer. You can not control the process of picking the goods, put in flyers of your store, seal in the original packaging or stick the logo. The store may remain unrecognized. So, how will you get recognized? You can maintain your customer base by communicating with them through a newsletter and do not let them forget about your online store. This can help you eliminate any misunderstanding on the part of your customers. In addition, you can also put all the necessary contact information about your store on the order form.

Competition and Cost of Goods

A fly in the ointment in dropshipping is competition. Experienced people in this field are well aware that many people want to do this.

Large dropshipping companies greatly reduce the price, gaining profit by increasing the number of their sales, which also reduces the financial profitability of this area. Also, many unscrupulous suppliers spoil the reputation of this business. All this must be taken into account.

It is worth understanding the main thing, lower product cost. Simply due to the low price of your products you cannot expect sales. It is important to correctly advertise the product, convince consumers, influence them through various promotions or discounts, special conditions, and other marketing programs.

It is important to work with several manufacturing partners in dropshipping – this will help to ensure the constant availability of an assortment of goods on your store, which means it will smoothly sell goods to customers.

Delivery Terms

When choosing a supplier, it is worth considering that delivery from China is often a nervous and unreliable businessFor example, it is a very common situation when ordering that your supplier says that the delivery was extended to over two weeks, while you were promised differently. 

It is advisable to test your supplier. Some manufacturers allow sending a paid test sample. This is a convenient and free way to get acquainted with the product, take a photo, organize a detailed presentation of it. You simply cannot rely on the information provided by the supplier.

Therefore it is advised to choose a reputable supplier company. This can be easily achieved by looking at the product reviews of their products.

do not be scared, you just need to carefully select a platform for dropshipping

In case of any mis-happenings, you have to bear the loss. The client should not suffer from this. We have already mentioned that reputation in such a case is very important, therefore it is better to lose a small amount, but not to drown your customer base.

Always remember, if you can keep your customers satisfied and happy; you are closer to success.

To summarize and Derive the General Formula for Success in Dropshipping:

  • Quality advertising company;
  • Customer interests should be prioritized;
  • Original and competent marketing;
  • Creative approach to the sale, lack of banal offers.

Despite great competition and the described difficulties, it is possible and necessary to work and open a new business in the dropshipping system. 

Don’t just run for success! When you find a product in demand and the target audience, analyze and use your common sense. Establishing a business takes time. You should not immediately give up or give up your venture, without even starting it – the start is always difficult, but you can achieve the result with your labor, creativity, and persistence.

Dropshipping for Beginners: Who is it suitable for?

After reading the article, you probably already made the appropriate conclusions for yourself. But still it will be useful to get acquainted with our opinion on this matter. At BossFunnel, we consider dropshipping to be an interesting and promising online business organization, but with some reservations.

It is unlikely that this model can be recommended to entrepreneurs who have great ambitions. Without control over the supply of goods and order processing, you will not be able to create an online store that can compete on equal terms with market leaders. But for small sites this is a good enough solution that can help you in creating a source, albeit not an impressive, but constant profit.

It is also a good choice for those online store owners who want to “probe” a new niche or expand the existing product range without significant investments. In such cases, working on the dropshipping model can be a great way to effectively solve the tasks.

Dropshipping for Beginners: How to Start with dropshipping? [STEPWISE]

If you ask different people who are owners of online stores how they started their business and what advice they would give to beginners, you will get different answers. The fact is that the manner of doing business is largely determined by the nature of the person himself and, like many other things in each case will be individual. But starting tips can always be given more specific and formed in the form of a specific algorithm, how to open an online store from scratch, regardless of topic. This is a kind of step-by-step instruction that we will provide to our readers. We hope that it will help you in the difficult but exciting business of building a successful online store.

The staff, technical platform, order processing, and internet marketing tools – all this differs little from store to store, regardless of the size and volume of traffic. The only difference is in the approach of the performers, which determines the quality of work as a whole. The reason is that the rules of the economy, the behavior of buyers and sellers are usually universal for most business areas. So, how to open an online store, what is needed for this, and how to start? We present to you our step-by-step instructions.

1. Selecting your Niche

Before you open something, you need to think: what will we sell? Your further actions largely depend on finding the perfect niche: search for suppliers, purchasing goods, positioning, working with customers, etc. It is difficult to create a successful business if you sell goods with a margin of 15% of the purchase price, from which another 10% goes to attract and customer service. That is why a clear understanding of what and how to do in the form of a business plan, significantly simplifies the work and increases the chances of success.

How to choose a niche / products for dropshipping

How to choose a niche / products for dropshipping


If you are interested in the dropshipping business, the first task that confronts you is the search for specialization for further successful and profitable business. You must find a niche that is not yet occupied, or in it a low or medium level of competition.

Niche Selection Criteria

There are several criteria that determine the success of a business.

Narrow specialization

The product that you want to sell and, accordingly, earn on the sale, must be highly specialized. That is, your audience should be a certain group of people, not the masses. For example, “Electronic Engineering” is a category that can hardly be called narrowly specialized. To make it such, you can select the subcategory “Gadgets”. But it is also not too narrow. Move on. “Wireless headphones” is what you need to attract a certain category of customers.

Suppose that you have decided on a niche. Now your task is to check its relevance. How to do it? You can use Google Trends – a tool that works on the principle of Google search. With it, you can find out the frequency of the search query in different countries of the world and in different languages. We enter the request “Wireless Headphones” and get:



Google Trends Search Query

In addition, you should know who your audience is: their gender, age, location, interests. If we are talking about “wireless headphones”, the targeting parameters, for example, on Facebook should be as follows:

  • location: India;
  • age: 16+;
  • gender: male / female;
  • interests: technology, gadgets, music.

Why is it so important to focus on a highly specialized product? Why not sell multiple categories for different customers? Firstly, your store will focus on finding customers with relevant interests. Secondly, the goods will be easier to sell.

But in this case there is a minus: if the niche does not give a profit, it will have to be completely changed. However, you can switch to another niche at any time and this is normal.

Weight and dimensions of goods

The product you have chosen for sale should not be fragile and large, as this may cause delivery problems.

For example, ePacket is fast delivery, combining state mail, large online stores and EMS (Express Mail Service) mail from the country of origin. This is the most popular delivery method that dropshippers use to deliver goods from China, as it is inexpensive and fairly fast. For comparison: China Post delivers an order to Moscow in 30-60 days, in the case of ePacket you can count on 12-25 days. However, this delivery method has some limitations in terms of dimensions and weight of the goods.

Copyright Compliance

If you sell branded products, you risk copyright infringement. Another thing is when you buy goods from an authorized dealer. Be sure to consider this point, because this is a very big risk.

Healthy competition

Many believe that the dropshipping niche should be unique and free from competition. But, if there is no competition in the market for the product you have chosen, this means that no one is interested in it. There must always be competition. This is an integral part of the business. But on the other hand, be careful not to choose a supersaturated niche where unfair competition is not uncommon.

Photo: Tengrinews


The product should be interesting to you.

It is advisable to choose a niche that will be interesting and familiar to you. It’s better to sell a little-sought-after product that is familiar to you and causes interest than a popular product that you hear about for the first time.

The algorithm of action for the correct choice of niche

To find the right niche, follow these steps:

  1. Select a category. Carefully consider the choice of the category that you like (do not forget that it should be narrow).
  2. Check her relevance. For example, go to Facebook targeting to see how many people are interested in your chosen niche.
  3. Look for buyers who have a passion for your product. It’s great to offer something to people who have a frank passion for a particular product. They will be ready to part with the money and do it with joy. Examples of such “passionate” niches are painting, coffee, jewelry, pet products, fishing.

Niche Search Tools

How to find a niche product or where to find niche ideas? As a niche search tool, you can use:

  • Amazon . Here you can always find lists of current products that are updated every hour. The list is on the left side of the site.
  • eBay . Here you can also find top products by going to the appropriate section.

Popular niche categories and product examples

Below are the most popular categories and specializations of niches that you can try as an option in 2018.

1. Beauty products : hairdressing scissors, face and body masks, products for manicure / pedicure, tattoo inks, makeup products, products for eyelash extensions, hair products.


2. Clothing: clothing for newborns, women’s cardigans, t-shirts with prints, fashionable shoes.


3. Sports : bicycle glasses, bicycle bags, smart bracelets, wireless headphones, water tanks, sports shoes.


4. Health: massagers (for back, legs, face), teeth whitening compounds, hearing aids, home exercise machines.


5. Accessories for pets : collars, wool coats, protective wraps in the car, clothing.


6. Home and garden : kitchen knives, baking accessories, products for the care of outerwear, faucets.


7. Travel : travel bags, organizers for cars, navigators.


Errors in choosing a niche

Among the most common errors are the following:

  • selection of goods of mass destination (in this case, you can not withstand competition without having to sell a dozen of your goods);
  • frequent change of niche (if the product does not bring profit, the niche needs to be changed, but doing it too often is fraught with losses);
  • race for the price (in an effort to earn more, do not rush to wind up the price tags).

Among the erroneously selected niches: branded goods; bulky goods; goods requiring certificates; porcelain / clay / glass products; goods, the quantity of which is limited in the warehouses of the manufacturer.

Niche Checklist

  1. Choosing a specialized niche. If you focus on too broad a category, you will face unbearable competition for you. In this case, you will have to spend all (or almost all) of your income on advertising.
  2. Confidence in the profitability of a niche. Ideally, an entrepreneur should collect the most profitable dropshipping products in his store. For example, the wholesale price of garden gloves is $ 3, while the selling price should be at the level of $ 6-15. The amount of profit must be at least 100%.
  3. The relevance of the category. Goods must be sold at any time of the year. For example, cases for smartphones are always relevant. After all, each of us has a smartphone that we want to keep in its original form for as long as possible.
  4. The study of competition. Before choosing a niche, you need to study its competition. Having found out that the product is up-to-date, do not rush to refuse, perhaps the offer of other stores is incomplete or the content of the interface is poor (poor choice, lack of prices).
  5. Uniqueness. You must sell a product that is different from the range of local stores or giants such as Amazon or Walmart.
  6. Clear definition of the target audience. You should know the basic characteristics of your client: gender, age, interests, location.


Avoid finding fake suppliers: Dropshipping for Beginners
Avoid finding fake suppliers

2. Supplier Research

First of all, you need to understand that the larger the offer on the market, the better. Therefore, focus on those products and niches in which there are offers from several wholesalers. Thus, you get rid of potential dependence and in the event of a sharp change in pricing policy or problems with the availability of goods from the seller, your business will not suffer. You simply can quickly reorient.

The most common schemes for interacting with suppliers are the following options:

  • purchase of goods and storage in their warehouse;
  • storage at the supplier’s warehouse and purchase by stock;
  • dropshipping.

You must look for suppliers of goods before you decide to open an online store. And this can be done using various methods: through a search on the internet, on classified sites and thematic forums, in newspapers, and at industry exhibitions/conferences. Here is a complete list of best dropshipping suppliers that you can work with.

This guide will help you in finding the best global suppliers: Readymade Dropshipping Store: List of 9 Dropshipping Global Suppliers

3. Registration of Domain name and Hosting

So, you decided on the product, now it’s time to choose a domain name (store name) and register hosting for the site. A domain name is the address of a site on the Internet by which it can be found in a search engine or by typing in a browser line. If you already have your own brand, it is best if they are in tune. The domain should not be too long, memorable and easy to pronounce. First you need to register a domain name, but with hosting you can not rush and put off this matter at the end of the work.

Hosting is a place on a remote server that is assigned by the service provider to host your site. Such services cost now inexpensively, from $ 5 and above, and given the importance of the quality of hosting for the site’s performance, it’s definitely not worth saving on this. Of course, all this may seem complicated and incomprehensible to a layman, therefore, we recommend that you turn to professionals for domain registration and hosting in order not to make mistakes. We would highly recommend using Site Ground to host your online store.

Finding the best team


Finding the best team

4. Finding the Best Team

To delegate such a responsible task as developing an online store to anyone it is very risky, as a rash choice can lead to negative consequences. That is why the choice of the team must be approached with all seriousness and understanding of the importance of the task. We recommend starting with a number of criteria:

  • analyze the portfolio;
  • learn more about the history of the company;
  • find out which CMS is being developed;
  • take an interest in the average cost of development;
  • find out the development timeline;
  • take an interest in the functionality and the possibility of its expansion;
  • ask whether work is under contract or without;
  • whether the store is SEO-optimized;
  • Does the contractor provide technical support?
  • whether the contracting company is further promoting the online store.

The items listed by us are more than enough to choose the responsible performers who will perform really high-quality work for you. At BossFunnel, we provide ready-made stores that are newbie-friendly. By choosing our team you can save yourself from months of work on research, writing, and finally building your website. As an example, you can familiarize yourself with the testimonials of our clients, which prove that success depends on the quality of work, and not on the subject. If you have a niche in mind, we can do all the development work for you.

  • From researching the niche to setting-up the store,
  • From curating the right products to ensuring the on-page SEO,
  • We kick-start your business and prepare it for you JUST AS YOU WANT!

We provide the work in less than 15 days.

Dropshipping for Beginners: How much will the development cost?

At first, creating an online store does not have to be an expensive pleasure and a long process. At least that’s what your colleague or friend once said. However, this is not at all true. Creating an online store is a long process that requires clear objectives and requirements, as well as a certain budget. It all depends on your requirements.

Is it really possible to create an inexpensive online store? Of course yes!

If a developer stamps cheap sites according to a template (selling the same template many times), the cost of developing a resource for the end customer decreases accordingly and the cost of creating an online store will be cheap. At the same time, you should understand that highly qualified specialists can in no way be interested in working on such a “conveyor”, since the payment of their labor will be only symbolic amounts. To enter the lower price segment, sometimes it’s enough for a developer to have a computer, Photoshop or CorelDRAW, a visual code editor for layout, and a couple of instructions for HTML and CSS.

Is it advisable to order an online store that is suspiciously cheap?

Miser pays twice. I think you have heard this proverb more than once. Of course, you should not pay huge amounts for an online store, but you should not save on a certain functionality.

If you order the creation of an online store at a low price, you may encounter the following problems:

  • Lack of access to the server on which the site is physically located.
  • The likelihood of having to redeem the ordered and paid site in order to transfer it to another hosting and modify it yourself.
  • Incompetent customer support (or lack thereof).
  • Unstable hosting, etc

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Low-quality sites are not able to solve any problem of the client. Their existence in itself does not bring the customer the slightest benefit, except for the presence of the address of the online store on a business card.

If the website is created by qualified developers and not by some IT students or system administrators, the price of an online store rises immediately by an order of magnitude. Here we will not talk about a template solution, but about creating an individual project that can meet the specific goals of the customer.

In addition to the unique design and functionality, the cost of website development includes ongoing technical support. We add that it makes no sense to invest heavily in the development of an exclusive high-quality project without allocating a voluminous budget for its marketing on the Internet. Your business plan, marketing strategy, goals, and ambitions will determine the cost of developing and maintaining an online store.

What factors affect the cost of creating an online store?

The list of factors that affect the cost of creating an online store is extremely large, but we will consider the main points of this list.

So, here is a list of factors that affect the cost of creating an online store:

  1. Choosing a contractor – web agencies, freelancers, self-creation of an online store.
  2. The cost of hosting.
  3. The cost of a domain name.
  4. The choice of content management system (CMS).
  5. The choice of design – unique or template.
  6. Layout cost.
  7. The cost of creating a prototype.
  8. The cost of additional work
  9. The cost of filling content.
  10. The cost of promoting an online store.

In fact, these items can be much larger. It all depends on your wishes regarding the final result.

What if I outsource the development to a Professional Team?

Having extensive experience in the development and creation of online stores, they will be able to advise what functionality is worth improving, which is now relevant, and how you can impress your customers. Of course, complex work with web agencies will cost more than freelancers.

In the case of working with web agencies, you will only be interested in the quality of the final result. Therefore, at the intermediate stages of creating an online store, everything that depends on you is to accept or reject certain ideas. Web studios also have significant capabilities and can often offer you quite flexible tariffs for further maintenance of the resource. Thus, you can be sure that in case of any technical comments to the online store you will be contacted.

At the initial stage, the most serious problem of the customer is the choice of the agency. How to choose the right web studio? How to distinguish competent developers from dishonest performers? What important criteria should a customer pay attention to first of all? 

You can hire our professional team of developers

The advantages of creating an online store with a specialised team:

  • A systematic approach to creating a site. The process of developing an online store is divided between highly specialized professionals (web designer, layout designer, programmer, SEO specialist, content manager, project manager). In this case, you can be sure that they are working comprehensively on the creation of an online store.
  • Unlike a freelancer, a web studio is interested in the concept of the site, its purpose, target audience, and other factors. The level of professionalism of the staff of a prestigious web studio means knowledge of the latest trends in web design.
  • At the planning stage, the web agency can analyze your market segment, consumers, and competitors in order to offer the best methods of cooperation based on the expertise. While the freelancer will simply do everything that you require of him.
  • High-quality development, individual approach, exclusive design, comprehensive technical support, and resource development. Many professional web studios provide a lifetime warranty on their completed projects.
  • The convenient and professional administration system created by the agency will allow you to easily manage an online store and make the necessary changes yourself.
  • Collaboration with the studio is built on a contractual basis. The legal document prescribes all types of work, stipulates the timing of their execution and cost.

The disadvantages of creating an online store with a specialised team:

  • High budget for website development (the price of an online store is higher than that of freelancers). Some agencies increase the price of creating an online store due to their own brand, rather than the quality of the services provided.
  • Low customer involvement in the work. As a rule, you do not communicate with the direct executor.
  • There is a possibility that due to the high workload of the agency you will have to “stand in line” (sometimes this period is 1-3 months). But in the end, the terms of work execution are still several times less than those of a freelancer.
  • Agency – a system that does not have the flexibility of a freelancer when it comes to urgent changes, changes, and edits. Work is being carried out in stages and is being approved in stages.

If you plan on creating your store yourself

Take a closer look at what it takes to build a store yourself:

  • Premium and Brandable SEO Optimized Domain – Approx $1,200. You can start with a fresh domain name that will cost you around $10/year. It largely depends on the perspective of the owner. If you are looking from the perspective of a brand, we would highly suggest buying brandable domain names. You can explore our premium and brandable domain names here.
  • SEO-Optimized content, 800+ words per article, highly focused keywords – Approx $500. This can be optional. We would highly recommend using a blog if you are planning to dropshipping business for the long term.
  • Content Writers that charge as low as $2/100 wordsHere is someone we would recommend.
  • Premium and Optimized design – FREE. Since you are planning to work on the design yourself, you can save yourself some bucks.
  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Instagram)- FREE
  • 3 professional email account ( FREE WITH ZOHO
  • 3-5 winning products – Approx $250. Later in the post, you can read about how you can find the best products for your store.
  • 3 Ad-sets and targeting options – Approx $800. If you are a creative individual, this will be a simpler step. You can also hire some freelancers from Fiverr for doing this job for you.
  • Marketing Budget.

What choice to make: low cost of creating an online store or specialized agency?

But the biggest success that the customer can count on is by no means the low cost of developing an online store, a trouble-free designer who makes any changes, discounts on maintenance, and other “goodies” for free. You can consider that you were really lucky if real professionals took up your project (whatever the price of the online store in this case). And if you come across fans of your own business, who also demonstrate a personal interest in your business, including the emotional component, then you have won the fortune in the lottery.

It would be wise to engage in fruitful cooperation and be flexible if they:

  • substantiate the feasibility of certain changes in the structure of the site (using the information on the latest requirements for web design),
  • convince you that part of the external beauty and originality must be sacrificed in favor of usability,
  • demonstrate knowledge of user psychology,
  • inform you about the latest changes in Google’s algorithm regarding ranking sites in search results, etc.

If you find the perfect artist, for the good of your future online store, do not put them in the wheel, limiting the budget, bargaining, demanding to “play with fonts and backgrounds” and delaying the approval of the stages of the project. The price of developing an online store is the specific components and approximate prices The formation of prices for the creation of an online store is absolutely transparent. Having set the goal to analyze all the components in stages, you will easily understand the nuances and subtleties of the issue. 

5. Launching your Online Store

The creation and configuration of the site are carried out using a content management system (CMS), there are many options from which you can choose. They differ in price, capabilities, and quality. BossFunnel specialists use WordPress to create an online store, a world-class modern platform that allows you to open an online store of almost any level, optimized for the requirements of search engines, with convenient settings for payment and delivery methods. We also offer our customers both a unique design development from scratch and a wide selection of high-quality finished designs.

If we talk about the cost and terms, then for the launch of the entry-level trading platform, 3 to 5 days and $1000 of the budget is sufficient, if we are talking about a standard project. In the future, you can always expand the capabilities of the store by adding new functionality as needed.

Choosing the right CMS
Choosing the right CMS

Choosing an online store script: which CMS is better?

One of the most difficult issues that the future owner of the online store has to solve is the choice of CMS. “How to choose CMS for an online store” is a question that is often difficult for an expert to answer, because all engines have their advantages and disadvantages.

You can browse the top CMS for the online store, analyzing the pros and cons of different options, study the CMS rating of online stores, so that later, tacking between the high level of security, reliability, and stability of different CMS, choose the perfect option for yourself.

In addition to good prices, product range, and a number of other factors, the quality of the technical implementation of the site, namely the available functionality and the ability to fine-tune, also affects the success of the online store.

A critical success factor in e-commerce is the choice of CMS. Where to stop: at the simplest solution to get started faster, or deploy a complex and demanding platform with a claim to an online supermarket? Or maybe there is some kind of optimal solution, a middle ground? The amount of variety is easy to confuse anyone. To prevent this from happening, we have prepared this article, and we hope that it will help you get an answer to the burning question – “What CMS to choose for an online store?”.

To help you make a decision, we will consider the features of a number of popular platforms that are widely in demand in the development of such sites. This will help you decide which engine to choose for the online store. CMS for an online store (i.e. content management system) can be of several types:

  • free CMS for online store (open source);
  • commercial, that is, “boxed”;
  • Studio – exclusive CMS developed by numerous web studios;
  • self-written (not serial).

To determine the best platforms for creating a store in each case will entirely depend on an individuals needs. For an exclusive project, for example, you probably need scripts for an online store with non-standard functionality and the possibility of refinement.

Why is it important to choose the right online store engine?

After the launch and in the initial stages of business development in the field of online trading, it seems that the main thing is to make sales and get the first customers. But after the sales flow becomes stable, and the number of goods and traffic begins to grow, you may encounter a number of technical limitations. Then comes the understanding that the right choice of CMS for an online store, in fact, is by no means the least for the success of the project as a whole. Your decision on which CMS to choose can determine the fate of your online store.

A simple example. You decided to launch a small online store in order to “touch” the market, so to speak. Invested in Internet marketing, advertising, and even got regular customers. After some months, it becomes clear that the sales ceiling has been reached, and in order to move on, it is necessary to expand the range. And in order to reach a new level of development and customer service, it is essential to refine the technical functionality.

If you initially selected the wrong script for an online store that is not ready for scaling and loads, such a task will cost a business owner a lot of money. Moreover, in some cases, the implementation of the goals may be completely impossible. This means that you have to start all over again and decide again which engine for the online store to choose.

The situation is similar if a cryptographic engine is used as a CMS for an online store. Self-written CMS for an online store is also not the best solution. Such a development by default will cost several times more expensive, even compared to a paid “boxed” system. The cost of support, maintenance, permanent bug fixes, etc. will be no less high. In addition, in case of improvements, you often have to spend a budget on the implementation of those features that are available by default in ready-made systems. The choice of CMS for the online store, as you can see, is critical.

CMS selection criteria for an online store: what to look for when choosing?

I think you already understood what the wrong choice of a technical platform at the start might turn out for a business owner. Free CMS for an online store are attractive in their own way and many of these engines are suitable, but when choosing a platform for future business success, you can not be guided only by its cost. Here are some criteria when choosing a CMS for an online store that really matters.

Design Templates. This is a kind of the face of your online store, which means that this issue must be given priority. In many respects, the credibility of the seller also depends on it, because the potential buyer evaluates the site, primarily from the visual side. The greater the number of paid and free ones that are available for selection, the more chances there are to make an online store that will look exactly the way you would like. It is worthwhile to understand that the same adaptive design has already become a necessity.

Catalog and card of goods. These are the most important components of the online store, which means that when analyzing the engine for future use, this should be given priority. The platform for the online store should provide a simple addition of products, and make the management of the catalog of goods flexible and understandable. It should be possible to configure various attributes, derive additional characteristics, such as discounts, etc. Here is an example of how a quality product page looks like:

Similarly, in relation to the product catalog, you need to pay attention to the ability to control the display of the list of goods and sort them using various filters. For example, it can be sorted by price, date of receipt, individual technical characteristics. Such functionality on the part of the user is, especially in demand.

SEO optimization features. Despite the many years of active development of the e-commerce industry, not all CMS allows us to adapt the online store to the latest requirements of search engines at a good level. But this is very important for a commercial project, because, losing even a small percentage of potential traffic, the business owner loses profit. Competitors, as you know, also do not sleep, and the situation is aggravated. Therefore, such a factor as the capabilities of CMS in terms of SEO optimization must be given special attention. The better the engine (script of the online store) used will be ready for optimization and promotion, the easier and faster this work will be carried out, and the need for corrections and improvements will be minimal.

Delivery and payment methods. Different people have different preferences, and what is convenient for one person will be inconvenient for another. Therefore, the owner of the online store must provide his customers with a choice between different delivery and payment options. For example, a resident of a big city will use a method using a courier and cash, but a buyer who lives in the outback will prefer mail and cash on delivery. You also need to remember such an option as the final recount of the purchase price in the basket, taking into account the delivery price. The client should see how much he will pay upon.

Advanced features. In addition to the points listed above, the functionality of the engine for an online store can include a very large list of prospects. Of course, not all of them are critically important, but some directly affect usability, conversion, and other factors on which profit depends. This includes the addition of related and recently viewed products, bestsellers and new items, the formation of product sets, order management, and customer data, a wish list, flexible discounts, etc.

Service cost. This point usually remains unobvious until the business owner is faced with the negative aspects that are associated with it. Regardless of whether you use a paid CMS for an online store or open-source engines, sooner or later, the implementation of various additional works will be required. And their cost can vary greatly depending on the engine. Usually, for a popular system with high-quality architecture, it is not only easier to find a specialist, but the price of the work will be more affordable, as the market dictates it.

Despite the fact that the developers of “boxed” systems bribe with the promised functionality, technical support, and other goodies, open-source CMS for the online store is no less popular. The fact is that many of them offer functionality that 90% covers the needs of a typical online store, and improvements in most cases are individual. In this case, there are not many benefits from the modules available in the base assembly. The most popular free engines for online stores are WordPress, PrestaShop, Opencart, and Shopify. Here is a quick guide on How to Create an Online Store using a bunch of WordPress and WooCommerce: A Detailed Guide

6. Product and Content Selection

The next step after starting and setting up the technical part is filling the store with goods. This problem can be solved both by manual and semi-automatic methods, facilitating filling by importing data in an xls-file or by synchronizing with the 1C system. The choice of one or another option depends on the number of products in the catalog – if you plan to add a few dozen or a little more than a hundred products, you can do it all manually. If the quantity of goods totals hundreds and thousands of units, it is definitely necessary to use semi-automatic methods, which will significantly save time.

In addition to the product catalog, the site should also have other pages – for example, information about payment and delivery, exchange and return guarantees, feedback form, etc. It is also very good in terms of attracting visitors from search engines to add a section or blog to which you will regularly publish articles and other materials that are interesting to potential customers and contribute to traffic growth. Working with content is one of the important components of integrated Internet marketing.

important criteria for choosing a product for an online store

15 important criteria for choosing a product for an online store

Finding the right products for sale is one of the most important steps in the process of creating a profitable company. That is why the choice of goods for the online store must be carried out deliberately, taking into account both your capabilities and the analysis of prospects in the niche, as well as a number of other important parameters.

You can sell almost everything on the Internet, but far from always, it will be profitable. To get a good profit from the first day after the start of work, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria that should be followed when choosing. What exactly to pay attention to will be discussed in this article.

Potential Market Size

Avoid too narrow and too wide niches, as in the first case you will have limited demand, and in the second – high competition and dispersal of budgets. An example of a too wide niche is digital technology, an example of a too narrow niche is clothing for old people. We must strive to find a middle ground – for example, accessories for men. It seems that the niche is quite narrow, but if you effectively use the tools of Internet marketing, you can become one of the leaders in it, having achieved the formation of a loyal customer audience and a stable level of sales.

You can assess the potential market size in a country or a specific region by using specialized services from search engines – Google Keyword Planner and aHrefs. In the future, we will consider this aspect of the work in more detail, and if you need an assessment right now, you can seek advice from our specialists.

Level of Competition

On the one hand, a large number of competitors in a certain niche testifies to high solvent demand and stability in this market. On the other hand, increased competition leads to an increase in the entry threshold for new players, high costs for attracting customers, and, consequently, to lower profits from the sale of a unit of goods. This is a serious reason to think about whether to try your hand at such a market segment. A striking example of such a niche is digital technology.

If you find a product for which competition is low, you should not flatter yourself. The lack of competitors can only indicate that in this niche there is simply not enough demand and it is unprofitable to develop such an online store. If you start selling penguin slippers, there is no need to worry about competitors. Here are just hopes from buyers, too, is not necessary.

Thus, you need to strive to find the best option, trying to find a product for which there is, albeit not high enough, but stable demand with an upward trend. In addition, competition for the same product in different regions can be very different. This means that it is possible to concentrate efforts to seize a market share in one region, thereby reach the breakeven point and begin expansion into other target markets.

Demand Dynamics

Google Trends is something that can help you analyze the dynamics of changes in an interesting request. Thus, it is possible to understand which category your product belongs to – a short-term trend or a trend that is gaining momentum and will in the future lead to the formation of a new market. Drone quadcopters are a great example of such a product.

Markup on Goods

It is very important to calculate this moment in advance so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises in the future. After analyzing the purchase price from suppliers and the average selling price in retail, you will get the difference, which can be considered an acceptable margin for the sale. This figure should have the capability of eliminating all the operating expenses for attracting and servicing customers, various fees and taxes.

In the aggregate, it would seem that insignificant costs can significantly reduce your profit, and in some cases, trading in a certain product may even seem unprofitable. A product for which a margin of 300% is initially projected can ultimately bring only 20 – 30% of the cost. Moreover, no one is immune from dumping by newcomers or large players who can afford to sell a similar product with a minimum margin.

Working with goods on which you earn a normal amount from one sale is always more profitable than trying to take in quantity. The path to millionth turnover, if it turns out to be too long, can easily end in bankruptcy.

Supplier Availability

To sell something, you must first produce or buy it. The supply issue is vital for business, since the quality of processing customer orders in an online store, the ability to increase sales and the stability of the business as a whole depend on the availability and conditions of suppliers of goods. Of course, any entrepreneur would be happy to receive favorable conditions from a wholesaler, thus acquiring an advantage over competitors. But this can also ruin the business, since you have a dependency on one vendor, which means that his decision to cease operations or tighten working conditions can lead to a collapse of your business. Therefore, it is best if the product you have chosen can be bought from different wholesalers under similar conditions.

Another aspect of this issue is the availability of suppliers in your area. Buying batches abroad, you can easily get a whole bunch of problems if the goods are detained at the border or they are not allowed to pass at all. Yes, and tangible delays in deliveries on time is also difficult to call an advantage.

Purchase Cost

Desire must be supported by opportunities. If your budget for the purchase of a consignment is $ 2000 and you are going to sell air conditioners, then it is better to immediately abandon this venture. But to buy a good batch of cases for phones or sunglasses, this should be enough. Moreover, you will need to pre-allocate a certain amount for promotion, since without Internet marketing only you will be visiting the store and the consultants hired by you.

However, there are many ways to trade even relatively expensive goods, costing quite modest investments at the start. For example, find a supplier with more loyal conditions or, if the trade went well, use bank credit to buy the next batch of goods.

Product Dimensions

Trying to sell billiard tables while living in a one-room apartment without worrying about renting a warehouse will be clearly problematic. Moreover, the cost of delivering bulky goods can be comparable to the minimum wage in a small city. There are many examples where the cost of delivery of goods is 30 – 40% of its price, and it is unlikely to find the best way to scare away potential buyers.

So it’s worth it to think carefully whether you can ensure that the consignment of goods purchased from the supplier is stored in the required volumes and whether the cost of delivery is too high for the buyer. But the same jewelry or accessories for gadgets can be easily placed by renting a few square meters in the warehouse for safekeeping or simply by allocating a balcony in the apartment for this at the start.

Storage Conditions

Have you read the storage conditions of the product you are interested in? Maybe it is too fragile or requires a certain temperature/humidity in the warehouse? This is a relevant moment if you intend to trade, for example, with fragile goods such as dishes. It is more difficult to pack and more expensive to deliver, and in the event of damage to the goods through the fault of the carrier, the customer will be blame the online store.

Seasonality of Demand

In itself, this property of the product is not something bad, especially considering that almost all niches are subject to a certain seasonality of demand. That’s just what you need to consider in long-term planning, since a product with a pronounced dependence of sales on the season will bring inconsistent income. While your costs of maintaining and developing an online store in most cases will be regular.

It is best to trade in goods that are in demand at any time of the year and will constantly generate a profit stream for your online store.

Product Relevance Period

An un-obvious moment that could lead to financial losses in the medium and long term. A good example is smartphones and other gadgets. If the seller does not have time to sell the current model before the release of their heir in the manufacturer’s lineup, they will not only face a drop in demand, but may also suffer losses, as other players will begin to lower prices. Jewelry and accessories, even after two years, will cost the same, if not more. But the same photographic equipment during this time will lose twice in price. If the lineup is updated too quickly, in the long run, it creates too great risks for a business that is just starting to develop.

The problem can be solved by actively promoting the online store, which will generate enough traffic. This will increase the speed of product turnover through active sales.

Average Checks and Repeat Purchases

Both play an important role at a stage of formation and further development of business. Indeed, pushing visitors to buy more, and then returning for another purchase is much more difficult than simply attracting them to the site. Usually, repeat purchases can be actively stimulated with respect to products of constant demand – for example, cosmetics, hygiene items, or baby products. But the average check can be increased with the help of special marketing techniques, such as offering complete sets and complementary goods. Well, of course, the e-mail newsletter based on the registered customers’ database works very well in this context.

Scaling Options

If you don’t want to quickly run into the revenue ceiling without the possibility of further development, it is worth thinking about the possibilities of expansion and scaling already at the stage of product selection. In order to make the right decision, you need to think about issues such as:

  • Is it possible to quickly increase the volume of products available at your place in the event of an increase in the number of orders?
  • Is it possible to quickly increase the number of employees to service orders?
  • How difficult is the production of your target product and how many players are there in this market?
  • Is it possible to increase the number of sales by expanding the assortment in this or related product categories?
  • Is it possible to enter other markets outside the region or country?

Each of the options has its pros and cons, as in a niche with small business scaling capabilities, you can quickly capture a tangible market share. But in the opposite case, you can actively develop your business by increasing sales volumes.

Ease of comparision

Ease of Comparision

The easier it is for a potential buyer to compare your offer with the offer of competitors, the greater the risk that a price race will begin in this niche, which leads to a decrease in profits. An example of such a niche is household appliances and electronics. There are many price aggregators with which the buyer can easily choose an offer from an online store that offers a low price. At the same time, a constant balance on the verge of profitability actually eliminates opportunities for business development.

At the same time, gifts, jewelry, and a number of other consumer goods are much more difficult to compare. And in such niches, the seller can set such a margin that will be really beneficial for him.

Product Understanding

Selling a product that you are good at is not only profitable, but also pleasant. Expert opinion has always been highly appreciated by users, inspiring confidence in the online store itself and its employees. Think about which niches or products interest you the most – it is entirely possible that this approach will help make a good decision.

A similar approach is true with respect to hiring employees – it’s better to pay more, but to hire a real specialist, than to try to win by quantity, hiring students to sell complex goods in which they are poorly versed. A great example is Apple, which sends consultants to its offline stores to specially designed courses that will help them become experts in working with the company’s technology.

Special Offer

Well, finally, the principle of success in any niche comes down to the search and the formation of a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competitors. Why do people need one more, it’s not known what kind of online equipment store it is? Maybe they will look at your catalog, but as a result, they will go to the website of a well-known seller and will prefer buying it from them.

The very first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the price. But discounts are easy to get used to, and constant dumping is a pre-losing strategy. So it’s worth considering other options, and you may be surprised to find that there are quite a few of them. This can be a high-quality service, and free delivery, small gifts upon purchase, free service, regularly held promotions, and much more. Each niche is good in its own way, and to become a successful seller, you need to correctly present not the product itself, but your offer.

The criteria for choosing a product and a niche for the online store that we have presented in this article will allow you to minimize risks and make the most optimal choice. An ideal recipe for success does not exist in principle, but an understanding of possible errors, which allows them to be avoided in advance, having achieved successful business development.

7. Customer Acquisition

It is impossible to get a good level of sales if only you and a few of your friends know about your online store. The more targeted visitors you can attract to the site, the more sales, and higher profits. Especially if some of them become regular customers who will make repeat purchases. In order to attract buyers to the website of the online store, various Internet marketing methods are used, among which the main ones are search engine promotion and contextual advertising. In each case, their effectiveness will vary, depending on the topic and the target region, so it is necessary to conduct testing and analyze the results to determine the most profitable areas of work.

In fact, the online store itself can be opened almost over the weekend, but its promotion takes a lot of time. For example, SEO promotion and content marketing are long-term strategies, the effect of which becomes noticeable only a few months after the start of work. But if you want to get quick sales – contextual advertising is perfect, which allows you to attract the first visitors within a day or two after the launch of the campaign.

A low conversion rate or its absence from advertising campaigns is one of the most painful topics for all online store owners, and all because the launch of advertising campaigns were not carried out before following these steps:

  1. Usability audit site. After your design is ready you need to conduct a site audit. Try to act like a first customer, this can help you find all the shortcomings of your online store interface which might lead to lack of sales. 
  2. Audit the customer’s conversion path. Test the potential client with an advertisement whether it’s on the necessary page, whether all the necessary information for making a decision is present. It is also necessary to make a test purchase of goods. Thus, you will immediately see whether everything is clear and whether all data and elements are correctly displayed and working.

TOP 5 mistakes in the online store that should be avoided:

  1. The quality of content on the store. A detailed description of the product and its characteristics, as well as high-quality and attractive photos.
  2. The presence of extra and irrelevant fields in the checkout form. Only the main fields must be left to fill. A large percentage of abandoned carts is precisely because of the refusal to fill out contact details for too long.
  3. The lack of adaptability of the site for mobile devices. With the growth of mobile traffic to site traffic, potential customers are not ready to forgive the lack of convenience of the mobile version.
  4. Slow speed of the online store. If your site loads longer than 3 – 4 seconds – you lose about 45% of potential customers. Each subsequent second (from 5 seconds and above) increases the number of exits from the site by 7%.
  5. Redirecting a potential customer to a non-target page. If an advertising campaign is aimed at a user that only chooses a phone for himself, without knowing a specific model, for example, “buy a phone.” In this case, this client can be redirected to the general page for selecting phones. If the customer is looking to “buy iPhone x,” and the landing page is showing OnePlus, then the customer will bounce and will never return to your online store.

Competition is growing every day! Do not hesitate, because now you can improve the conversion of the online store.

Here are some SEO Tips for eCommerce Store Owners- 13 Quick SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Store

8. Analytics And Testing

The ability to accurately track user actions on the site and the effectiveness of attracting customers through various channels is one of the most significant advantages of e-commerce. After you have opened an online store and started selling, you need to connect analytics systems, conduct regular monitoring based on established metrics and test various changes on the site in order to increase the conversion and return from the online store in a commercial plan.

What can be tested? For example, changing the design of the product or catalog page, the appearance of individual graphic elements or the placement of texts, the appearance and functionality of the basket, and many other components of the site that can affect the conversion and user behaviour. It is possible that a seemingly small change can help you significantly increase sales. But it is worthwhile to understand that such experiments can only be carried out if the site is visited often. Usually this is from 1000 visitors per page during the week or site traffic at the level of 1000 visitors per day and higher.

One of the most important indicators is the % of page failures and the conversion rate for traffic channels, therefore, it is necessary to work on improving them constantly. Tracking the reaction of visitors to such changes allows you to get verified information about what works and what doesn’t, and compares the effectiveness of various changes introduced.

Store conversion analysis and optimization

Conversion is one of the main indicators characterizing the effectiveness of the site. Neither the traffic nor the site ranking in the search results shows directly how many people will purchase your product or order a service. If you neglect this characteristic and you do not optimize it, in the long run, you limit your growth, and this will seriously affect profit and competitiveness.

Today we will not confine ourselves to a brief overview of methods for optimizing the conversion rate, we will analyze the issue comprehensively. We will find out what affects this indicator, how to analyze web resources, and which agency should be selected for CRO (conversion rate optimization).

What is the store conversion and conversion rate?

Conversion rate refers to the proportion of those who completed the target action. For example, the purchase of goods, subscription to receive newsletters, ordering services. It is calculated as a percentage.

Conversion in itself is any action that encourages a potential buyer to perform a targeted action.

If out of 500 guests, an order was finalized by 25 people, then the conversion rate is 25/500 = 5%. It can also be calculated at each stage of the sales funnel.

Above is an example of the so-called macro-conversion, that is, the main target action is taken into account. In addition, there is the concept of micro-conversions – they mean any action performed by a person, for example, subscribing to a newsletter.

Traffic and position in search results are also important, but to some extent they are “vanity metrics”. They amuse the pride of marketers and SEO specialists – the site is in demand, it ranks well by search engines. But this only shows that the content is optimized for search algorithms, the content is interesting. It’s not a fact that a lot of traffic will eventually be converted to new customers.

Simple arithmetic – which of the 2 options you choose:

  • 5000 visitors per week, which give sales of $ 2000;
  • 2,000 visitors over the same period, but with sales of $ 3,000.

This does not mean that you do not need to work on building up traffic and placing a web resource in the TOP of search results. But you, as the owner of the business, should put the conversion rate in the first place. To do this, you will have to work with auxiliary services (to analyze statistics), develop a CRO strategy yourself, or order it at an agency.

What is the role of conversion optimization in website promotion?

Measures on CRO (conversion optimization) are aimed at increasing the number of people who have committed the target action when visiting the site. If the CRO task is solved correctly, then other important aspects are also affected – the position in search results, usability is improving, traffic growth.

In addition to sales growth, conversion rate optimization leads to:

  • understanding the needs of the audience. You just need the traffic, but people who in the future can become your customers. Imagine that a crowd of onlookers gather in front of the store every day, they look at the window, but they don’t buy anything, there’s no benefit from it. The conversion is the same story – you need to isolate potential buyers from the crowd and do everything so that they find what they need from you;
  • sales growth and return on investment. It is more profitable to invest in CRO agencies than mindlessly spend solid budgets on advertising. Get traffic, but not the fact that it is being converted into new buyers;
  • improving usability, improving position in search results. Without good usability and quality content, it’s hard to keep a potential customer. If the customer is confused in navigation and does not receive a description and full characteristics of the goods (services), they will close the page and go to the competitors. When positioning a web resource, search robots take into account usability and content, so that positions in search results will begin to grow. This will bring additional sales;
  • better scalability;
  • greater brand recognition. In addition to audience growth by improving position in search results, word of mouth also works. Buyers are sure to share their impressions of the product with friends, relatives;
  • the appearance of regular customers. Some of the buyers will return to you in the future, the more effective CRO, the more such customers;
  • increased confidence is another argument in favor of your business. Payment is often made through a card or EPS wallets, with a higher probability the customer will prefer to buy from you again than go to a new store and risk confidential data.

As you can see conversion level optimization has a cumulative effect. Measures taken under the CRO strategy will influence the conversion in the future. If you order this procedure in the agency, you get a set of recommendations, you can use them in the future.

Improving usability as an integral part of conversion optimization

Speaking of usability, we mean:

  • UX (User experience) – user experience characterizes the usability of the site. This item includes ease of navigation, the presence of menus and submenus, how horizontal and vertical scrolling is implemented;
  • UI (User interface) – user interface, affects the visual component more. The UI designer decides what, for example, the color, shape, animation will be when the buttons are pressed.

Both UX and UI affect a person’s experience of interacting with a site. If there are no problems with navigation, the menus and submenus are arranged logically, the buttons are highlighted, the color scheme has been successfully selected during design, the client will quickly find what he is looking for and will not go to your competitiors store.

As part of optimizing the conversion rate for CRO, agencies are bringing usability to their ideal. Evaluate the convenience of work by the following criteria:

  • structure, whether the classification of objects by category is performed;
  • ease of navigation;
  • adaptation for different versions of devices. The web resource will also be viewed from smartphones, tablets, the design must be adapted for them, the screen size will not allow comfortable work with the “desktop” version. In eCommerce, the share of purchases made through mobile devices is growing steadily;
  • the user does not need to be forced to remember a ton of information. If this is, for example, an online store, it must be possible to add the product to your favorites or tracked ones. The better and more convenient the service, the greater the chance that an occasional guest will turn into a buyer;
  • well-chosen colors, the arrangement of buttons, they should be visible and look clickable.

One measure of usability assessment may be the time that the user spends to solve his problem and the number of errors made. The shorter the path to the final goal, the better the usability.

At this stage, CRO eliminates all the roughness in the path of a potential customer to his goal.

Examples of Common Usability Mistakes

Among the mass of errors, we single out the most common:

  • Non-clickable buttons. Buttons are the most important element, through it, buyers go directly to placing an order, go to the pages of promotional offers. If nothing happens after clicking on it, it causes bewilderment, irritation, and increases the likelihood of the visitor leaving. Competent button design is a great tool for optimizing conversions, so CRO pays great attention to them;
  • The crashed layout provides effects such as crawling social network icons on the text, overlapping text headers with “bread crumbs”; in the adaptive version, the text will not display correctly. All this undermines the credibility of the online store, sometimes due to layout problems it is physically impossible to work with the web resource, for example, a visitor clicks on the “Buy” button, and instead returns to the previous stage of placing an order. All of this also affects the conversion rate. Check how the adaptive layout behaves on different devices. Also, keep in mind that more and more people are switching to UHD monitors, so make sure that the site looks normal and in 4K resolution. Otherwise, a person on a UHD monitor will see something that not pleasing, which also affects CRO;
  • Inoperative search. Remember, the search is actually an analog of the division of goods into categories. It’s much easier for many to enter, for example, “SSD 240 Gb” in the search bar and click on the “Search” button, then go along the path of Laptops and computers – Accessories – SSD and then set a number of filters. At the same time, the search should be intelligent, some may incorrectly enter the name of the product, spellings may also differ (SSD240, SSD 240 GB, SSD disk, and other options). All this should not perplex the search algorithm. Make the search intelligent: suggest the search even before the end of the query the most popular options;
  • Unallocated links. If links to products or sections of others do not stand out from the text, this kills the conversion. A potential client does not move the cursor over the text, doesn’t matter if the content is interesting, the client will not understand that the link is hidden behind the text – the potential client will not follow it and will not place an order;
  • Redundant animations. In the recommendations for the design of the site, you could read that the animation is useful and it really is. But you need to have a sense of proportion, animation complements the content, but does not draw attention to itself. It should be informative and appropriate, you do not need to add such elements only to show how modern you are. In addition to a deterioration in the perception of content, the page load time also increases, which negatively affects the conversion rate;
  • Inconsistent text and background. There are combinations of colors that literally causes pain for the viewer, so spare the eyesight of visitors. The main requirement is less extravagance, the text should be easily distinguishable in the background and not boring. If you are not sure that your option will work, try one of the free services for selecting background colors and text. The classic version is black text on white (light background). But if the text and background color do not look like the image below, you can forget about the increase in the conversion rate;
  • Unprocessed text design. A sheet of text without images, lists, subtitles, highlighting important points is an indicator of neglect of readers. Only owners of unique content can afford this, they have no competitors, respectively, and there is no need to fight for attention. But it’s better to make it a rule from the very beginning to work through the text and think about how the user will feel when reading the content.

As part of the CRO strategy, every little thing has to be taken into account. Do not neglect any of these factors.

What is affected by optimization of conversion level in ecommerce sphere

Promotion of your products via the Internet is a necessary development condition for any business. It doesn’t matter what you do, produce concrete products or soft toys – a huge audience is cut off without access to the Internet.

As for what gives CRO in eCommerce, the main thing is to increase sales. To solve this problem, a number of intermediate tasks will have to be solved – to understand the needs of potential customers, improve usability, and work on the quality of content.

The layperson perceives the conversion rate optimization as a set of measures aimed at increasing the number of visitors who have committed the target action. This can be a purchase of goods, writing a detailed review, subscription to newsletter updates, and other types of activities.

In reality, the task is wider. In addition to optimizing your conversion rate, it’s advisable that your customers return to you over and over again. For example, Apple and a number of other companies are taking such a path. They built a whole philosophy around their own brand, as a result they do not experience problems with conversion, growth in sales and profits.

Not the fact that you immediately repeat the success of the same Apple, but at least it’s worth adopting the experience of successful companies.

How to calculate and track conversion?

The calculation formula looks like this

Conversion rate = 100 x number of desired actions / number of visitors.

conversion rate optimization methods 10

The only thing you need to decide in advance is what to consider as the target action. It depends on the type of business, for an online store it is a sale of goods, for a blog – a subscription.

Every day thousands of people visit sites, it’s impossible to manually collect these statistics and calculate how many of them eventually completed the target action. The task is complicated by the fact that this information needs to be collected in dynamics.

To collect data, use auxiliary services:

  • Google Analytics and AdWords – these services use almost everything. There will be a lot of data, they will have to be filtered on their own;
  • Heatmaps of clicks, we’ll talk more about this service a little later;
  • Recording and subsequent study of customer behavior. This method indicates the most interesting places for the visitor to the page;
  • Customer surveys, they allow you to identify weaknesses in the organization of the business. Thus, the jewelry company Taylor & Hart doubled its annual income in 2018, relying mainly on customer reviews.

Click heatmaps are one of the best services for collecting information about the behavior of a potential client. It becomes clear what attracts people to the design, which elements work worse, with an improvement in the level of conversion, this data is necessary.

39 Benefits of Plerdy Website Heatmap Tools — Plerdy

This service allows you to evaluate:

  • Miscalculations in design. For example, there is no transition to the desired page when you click on a clickable element, the location of the elements is unsuccessful. On the heat map, you will see the lack of activity of visitors in this segment, it is impossible to miss the problem. Moreover, clicks are taken into account according to layout elements and dynamic objects, and not by pixels, as is done, for example, in Plerdy, random clicks are filtered out and not shown on the heat map;
  • Quality of content. The scrolling depth speaks about it, if, for example, readers scroll the page by 15-20% and close it, the material clearly does not “catch on”;
  • The most interesting elements for the user;
  • Optimal places for placing hyperlinks in them;
  • Evaluate the performance of pop-up windows, call-to-action elements, and other calls to action.

The heatmap of clicks is the basis on the basis of which a strategy is built to optimize the conversion level. Without this foundation, you will not know what exactly in design requires improvement, and which is better to abandon altogether.

What conversion rate indicators should I focus on? has conducted a conversion study over several years. Statistics show that on average this indicator fluctuates at the level of 3%. The exception is the United Kingdom, in which the conversion rate is slightly above average and in recent years rarely drops below 4%.

Statistics may vary significantly depending on the direction of work. So, according to the service, the maximum level of conversion is observed in the field of sales of electronics, software, video games, and business services.

conversion rate optimization methods 13

These numbers are not for you to perceive them as the highest possible value. This is not the maximum possible level of conversion, but only its average value. Top ecommerce sites show results above 20-30%.

Examples of high conversion web resources include the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In the USA, 25.25% of visitors at the “apple” store eventually made a purchase, and in the Play Store – 27.76%, statistics are presented according to as of 2020.

Data may vary significantly depending on:

  • Areas of work;
  • Country from which statistics are collected;
  • Period, some business is seasonal, its conversion data will vary greatly depending on the season;
  • Traffic source;
  • Type of target action. So, it’s easier to convince a person to subscribe to a blog than to sell expensive electronics.

You cannot specify a specific number and say that everything above this threshold is an acceptable coefficient and conversion optimization is not required. You can focus on the industry average, but not perceive it as an insurmountable threshold.

Who should conduct the conversion rate optimization process?

We have already figured out that to get the conversion rate to the maximum, you need to work with usability and quality of the content. The increase in sales is a consequence of these events.

You can solve these problems yourself, but the maximum effect in a short time is achieved in collaboration with CRO agencies. Their main advantage is experienced in the market. An attempt to bring the conversion rate to the maximum on your own will take more time, there is a high probability of errors in the process. As a result, you won’t save money, and you won’t get the desired result, and after a number of mistakes, you will return to the option with agencies.

When contacting CRO agency, the customer will receive:

  • A full usability audit showing its strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations for improving the design;
  • A/B testing by agency experts, which allows you to choose the best option for an updated design;
  • The number of refusals from the purchase is reduced. In particular, the number of those who added the product to the basket, but then changed their minds and left the page, was reduced. Visitors of this type hesitate to the last, due to the improvement of usability, they manage to persuade them to our side and achieve ordering;
  • An increase in the number of those who left their contacts or subscribed to receive the newsletter. So far they have not made a purchase, but in the future they can be converted into customers;
  • Increase in the number of long sessions. The content is more interesting, visitors spend more time studying your products;
  • The agency creates full-fledged landing pages or layouts so that specialists from the customer’s side work on them.

The main effect is increased profits and conversion rates. Since this work is also being done on the site itself (usability, its redesign, improving the quality of content), in the future traffic and the position of the web resource in the search results will increase. We can say that the strategy developed by the CRO agency eliminates bottlenecks in the sales funnel.

As for the expected result, it all depends on the starting conditions. In the same Google Play Store, the conversion rate is close to 30%, there are no critical errors, it will not work to increase the response from visitors.

But if we are talking about a regular web resource, for example, an online store with a conversion level of about 0.5-1.5%, then CRO can increase the conversion rate by 100 +%. The final result depends on the number of critical errors, the more there are, the more significant the result will be.

How to choose an agency to optimize your conversion rate?

The following factors indicate that your site needs conversion rate optimization:

  • Services show traffic growth, but the conversion rate is low and does not increase. The average value of the coefficient depends on the area in which you work, but if it is less than 2-3%, we recommend that you contact a CRO agency;
  • Buying traffic does not bring results. Promotion, for example, in social networks brings new visitors, but almost all of them “pass the storefront”, that is, they do not perform the target action. One of the possible reasons is low usability, design problems, poorly located CTA elements, and the quality of the content. All these problems will be identified and solved by the CRO agency;
  • ROI is lower than expected. The decision to launch a business on the Internet was most likely not made spontaneously; everything was calculated, including the return on investment. If reality is very different from expectations, this is an occasion to contact a CRO agency.

A study conducted by Econsultancy in 2018 shows that 63% of companies do not have a clear strategy to improve conversion rates. It is the lack of a clear plan of action for converting visitors into customers that prevents you from earning more.

When choosing a specific agency, we recommend focusing on the following criteria:

  • A portfolio with examples of completed projects. In addition to statistical information, you can contact business owners who previously worked with the agency to make sure that the work was carried out without problems;
  • Agency consultants should not implicitly agree with your suggestions. You are a customer, but this does not mean that you will lead the process. If this is not and any of your proposals at the agency are immediately adopted – this is a cause for concern;
  • The agency’s attitude to your business is a good indicator. If they simply take money from you and say that in a month the income will increase at times, this indicates an attitude that is indifferent to you. Ideally, the work begins with studying your business from the inside, in addition to statistics, the internal policy of the company is studied;
  • Feedback – you should be regularly informed about what has been done, what is planned to be done. There is a roadmap with an approximate schedule for improving the performance of the web resource;
  • When developing a CRO strategy, the focus must be on the consumer. Understanding his needs is the key to success;
  • Realistic goals and deadlines. A qualified CRO agency will never promise to double conversion in 7-10 days. Conversion optimization is not instantaneous.

There is no special qualification for choosing a CRO agency. It is enough to understand what an increase in the conversion rate is to know that it takes a certain time and not to chase loud promises.

The items listed above can be used as a checklist. If all the criteria are met, you can work with the agency.

What to consider when optimizing your conversion rate

Below we have listed what you will have to pay attention to first of all in the framework of optimizing the conversion rate. It is necessary to work on the factors listed below comprehensively, as a result, this gives a cumulative effect.

conversion rate optimization methods 15


The site should load as quickly as possible. If the user has to wait for the page to load for 10-15 seconds, this will irritate your user, and will increase the probability of them bouncing off for your competitors.

Separately work on optimizing the download speed of the mobile version – this traffic channel brings a lot of customers. Google conducted a research and studied the effect of the page loading speed on the likelihood of the reader leaving the site. It turned out that for pages with a download speed of more than 3 seconds, the probability of failure is 53%. That is, out of 100 visitors, 53 will not even see the content on the page, this inflicts a catastrophically strong blow on the conversion rate;

If the download speed is poor, try:

  • remove underused “heavy” plugins;
  • reduce the size of video and photo materials;
  • compress CSS and JS files;
  • configure CDN;
  • use cache plugin.

After each change, test the page loading speed using the Google PageSpeed Insights service or analogs of this service. Remember, every 100 ms the delay in loading reduces sales by 1%, so optimizing the download speed in the CRO strategy is a must. Here is a complete guide on WordPress Website Optimization for Google PageSpeed Insights


Optimize the sales funnel, do not complicate the purchase process, this reduces the conversion rate. If one store offers to make purchases in a couple of clicks, and the second requires first to register, then verify the phone, email, then most buyers will choose the first with couple of clicks.

Registration may take a couple of minutes, but visitors do not want to lose even this time, they are just too lazy to take unnecessary actions and you will have to take this into account when optimizing your conversion rate. Use a 1-click purchase as a decoy – this works well.

The ordering procedure should not bore the client, you do not need to try to immediately get the most information out of your customer.


Mandatory use of call-to-action (CTA) elements. They should stand out and give an offer that is hard to refuse. This can be free delivery when ordering a certain amount, a small bonus to the main purchase if you offer services – free access to the full functionality of the platform for a limited time.

CTA allows you to kill two birds with one stone – get information about the client and improve the conversion rate. See how it is implemented on Amazon, the window reminds you of the possibility of purchasing OnePlus by pre-booking it. In your CRO strategy, do not hesitate to learn from successful online stores.

When optimizing the conversion rate, there are clear rules for using CTA elements:

  • Make them as visible as possible, preferably at the top of the page;
  • They should not merge with the background;
  • I need a clear message in the spirit of “Make a free subscription for a month,” “Get a 15% discount,” “I want to get free shipping.” Do not use abstract language.

Try to prevent CTA elements from looking intrusive and not annoying readers.


Improve the quality of the site. The page should be informative, inspire the visitor with a sense of confidence that the product is of high quality, and expose the product in the most favorable light. For this:

  • Monitor the quality of materials – do not be too lazy to make unique content, the text should not be a dull rewrite, do not download photos and videos on the network;
  • Provide informational content – a mandatory requirement, for all categories they need a detailed description. Characteristics can be divided into 2 parts – detailed, in which you cite all the data provided by the manufacturer, and general – here only indicate the main ones;
  • To inspire confidence in the quality of the goods provide customer reviews. Having feedback from those who have already bought your product/service has a calming effect on potential buyers. Do not forget the customer rating scale – this technique also works well;
  • Use chatbots and communicate with operators through regular chat. A study by superoffice proves that users have more confidence in resources that have operator feedback. In addition, chat rooms are cheaper than phone calls.

Focus on the strengths of the product, the advantages of buying from you.


Basic requirements for this item:

  • Products should be divided into categories and subcategories;
  • Allocate a separate section to indicate payment options, delivery conditions, and other important things. Part of the audience will want to get acquainted with this information before the purchase;
  • Going from the cart to other pages should be easy. There are shops in which you can view the composition of the basket and adjust it without leaving the product description page – very convenient, adopt this experience;
  • Important elements (basket, checkout page) are always placed at the top of the page.

Imagine that you are in a large shopping center with no signs or consultants. Due to poor navigation, you will spend hours before finding the right product.

If during the design you did not think about the comfort of a potential client, the effect will be approximately the same as in the example with a shopping center, only the consequences are worse. The visitor will not spend time struggling with difficulties, he will close the page and buy an analog from a competitor. You’ll lose money, and your conversion rate will decrease.


Conversion rate optimization is not limited to increasing the number of customers. This is the end result, before that CRO agency specialists will have to work with usability, design, content, and improve literally every element of the site. All efforts made give a cumulative effect, as a result, you get not only sales growth and profits, but also an improvement in the position in search results, traffic growth. This effect is long-term and does not appear instantly.

As for who should be doing this, from the point of view of the cost-effectiveness ratio, the optimal scenario is to contact a specializing agency. Consultants will develop a set of measures and, depending on the budget, develop a CRO strategy.

If you think that CRO makes no sense, then you are deeply mistaken. Practice shows that you can pour money into advertising endlessly – traffic growth does not mean an increase in conversion rate.

9. Further Developments

To organize a profitable business in the field of electronic commerce, you must constantly engage in its development and optimization of business processes. Opening an online store is just the first step on a long journey of entrepreneurship. But to become one of the leaders, you need to be prepared for risk and non-standard steps. This is what the further development of the online store as a business consists of.

In which direction to develop? Later in the post, we have talked about how to make your online store better. So, continue reading for more details.  

In a nutshell, your task should be the formation of a loyal customer audience, the continuous development of customer service, competitor analysis, testing and implementation of new ideas, as well as the movement towards building trusting relationships with customers. Yes, it is difficult and long, but the result will pleasantly surprise you and help you go far ahead in the competition.

As e-commerce evolves, it gradually begins to supplant classic offline stores from many niches, which is not surprising. People buy online not only because it is usually cheaper there. The main motivation is to make online purchases much more convenient because you can place an order from your favorite device anywhere and anytime.

Your task as an entrepreneur is not to think about whether to open an online store. Start working right now so as not to miss the moment when you can manage to occupy your niche with small investments of time and money, breaking away from competitors. It is profitable and promising, and if you have doubts or questions, contact the specialists of our agency and they will answer all your questions.

10. Promoting your Dropshipping Store: Things to Avoid

In addition to the rules of promoting an online store, there are several factors that inhibit its development by 70%. We have collected 7 important keynotes that should be avoided when developing and in the process of promoting an online store.

At first glance, these are quite obvious things, but their unity is avoided. I want to dwell in more detail at every moment and talk about the pitfalls of promoting an online store on Google that you can meet, and how to work with it. Well, let’s go!


All at once and an excess of unnecessary opportunities

Your main goal is to quickly launch an online store and quickly enter the market, rather than innovate and invent a new bicycle. Plus, you, of course, need no less fast promotion. Therefore, you should avoid such things as:

  • writing a content management system (CMS) from scratch;
  • ordering a unique design from a famous designer;
  • purchase of a full warehouse of goods;
  • fantasies with opportunities that no one will see until there is traffic to the online store;
  • hiring a whole staff at once.

One can imagine: they began to create an online store, made very cool opportunities that even the “Adidas” would envy. It is worth noting that this will definitely take a lot of time, at least six months. Firstly, you’ll definitely be half a year behind a competitor that is already developing (the promotion of its online store has been going all the way for all this time), and in the same way, from a new one. Therefore, it is worth creating and planning an online store so that the Promotion of the resource was originally a planned budget item. The development and promotion of an online store are two sides of the same coin, which cannot be separated from each other. The worst-case scenario is to get the most out of your unique design (and functionality), and then find that you have virtually no resources left for the promotion. The online store in this case will look like a luxury car, shining with gloss, only there will be no engine under its hood. Website promotion is the very engine that will allow you to develop high speed and confidently move in the chosen direction.

Secondly, determine the necessary functionality, consult about what you need to run. A detailed analysis and optimization of additional features should be carried out already when there is traffic or when store promotion has already started. Therefore, you have a lot of time left +- 3 months – until the moment when the promotion gives visible results – the appearance of the first positions in search engines. Thirdly, conduct an analysis, consult with specialists who will improve, modify, or modify existing capabilities in order to improve sales and the look of your online store.

Based on the research, the user forms the first impression of the site and its filling in a few milliseconds, however, when making the final decision, the first impression plays a very important role.

Therefore, I provide a list of the most common problems that arise when developing and promoting online stores. If at least one of them is present in your online store – quickly make changes. So, the problems in the functionality and promotion of the online store on Google:

  1. Too difficult to place an order. In most cases, when placing an order in an online store, customers are annoyed by filling in a large amount of contact information that is required of them. According to the study, 47% of buyers do not complete the purchase process if the payment process takes too much time. Thus, you lose money and time spent on promotion of the online store, a potential customer who is unlikely to return, and, eventually decrease in position, because a decrease in the quality of behavioral factors leads to a deterioration in the quality of online store promotion.
  2. Too high price for the goods. If the user can purchase the product you are offering from a competitor at a lower price, but with the same functionality, you will lose this customer. Studies show that 36% of online shoppers will leave the site in favor of another if they find the same product at a lower cost. In this case, the promotion of the online store will not succeed.
  3. Additional fees for goods. If you offer goods at the same price, and when you buy, the client must pay a completely different amount, this will clearly affect your brand and the search engine promotion of the online store website. After all, bad reviews spread much faster than good ones.
  4. Security of data use. Most buyers do not pay online, because they doubt the security of confidential information. We recommend that you communicate openly with your customers and take responsibility in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Lack of established identity. If you are a young online store offering products for customers without having a physical store, first of all you need to describe as much information as possible on the pages of your online store in the “about us” section.

Problems with the assortment of goods

Why do you think the Adidas online store was able to achieve such results in promoting its online store?

The answer is very simple. Constant and high-quality work on promoting the online store, gradually expanding the number of keywords and reinforcing all the work done with a wide range of products. Thanks to the complex of these works: SEO-promotion of the online store, and the use of other traffic sources.

For the successful promotion of the online store, I recommend that you optimize the categories of products only after the user has the right to choose. Never start an online store promotion if the product category consists of 5 items.

What threatens your site, if you still start promoting a category with a small assortment:

  1. Lack of optimization results for the online store;
  2. Decrease in behavioral factors on pages;
  3. Loss of organic traffic;
  4. Reducing the number of orders;
  5. Bad customer experience with your online store.

Therefore, before you start optimizing and promoting an online store, make sure that the user has the right to choose. However, not only the availability of the assortment affects the search engine promotion of the online store site. It is also important to correctly and clearly describe the product itself.

  1. Whatever the theme, the product’s photo should be pleasing, otherwise, the conversion will be low, especially for clothing. The example is very simple: you go to the supermarket, but something is dirty there, if there is another package nearby, then you will take it, if not, skip it, buy it from somewhere else. You go to the shoe store, you see that it is dirty or behind dirty glass, you will not measure it and you will leave.
  2. Also, there should be a lot of goods to choose from. Such is the psychology of man – when a person chooses something, if there are fewer products, the thought arises that something is wrong here. The same thing in a physical store, when part of the shelves is empty.
  3. Clear information about the name of the product ( the name of the product is also a keyword). Therefore, the more you name the product, the higher will be the quality of your promotion. For example, a product name such as: Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 J320H / DS Black Smartphone for search engines is the most understandable than Samsung Galaxy J3 2016.
  4. Information on the availability of sizes and quantities of goods must be relevant. Otherwise, it may happen that a potential buyer gets irritated  because of the time spent in the online store.
  5. The price should be relevant, informative. That is, if the product comes at a discount, you should indicate for what reason, if your price is lower than that of competitors, inform your customers about this.
  6. The call to action button should be pronounced and encourage users to make a purchase.
  7. Be sure to indicate on the product card when and how the customer will be able to receive the product if they place an order today. Most often, it is this indicator that plays an important role in the customer’s decision to purchase.
  8. Feedback and recommendations. Without fail, give customers the opportunity to leave and read reviews.
  9. The ability to add goods to your wishlist or purchase later. Give users the opportunity to talk a little more about themselves in this way. Thanks to the knowledge of customer preferences, the promotion of an online store will be more successful.
  10. Do not forget on the product card to recommend other related products that can be used together. For example, a phone and headphones.

This list seems obvious, but many of the modern online stores neglect some of the components. The absence of at least one component reduces the quality of optimization and promotion of an online store by almost half.

How-to Write a Marketing Plan • Part 1 of 9

Lack of marketing plan

First, the customer goes into organics – I provide several examples of keywords that users can search for: “Online clothing store”, “Online shoe store”, “Buy a laptop in an online store”, “Internet equipment store”, “Buy a smartphone ”,“ Online store of household appliances ”,“ buy a budget smartphone”,“ Promotion of an online store”,“ Prices for promotion of an online store”,“ I want to buy an office chair”. After a potential customer leaves the online store, if contextual advertising (remarketing) is configured, the banners of this store on other sites begin to be displayed. Another – went to the forum to read about the benefits of the chair, and then again remarketing or a link to the same site. This chain works very well, and, if you don’t run such advertising actions right away, the customer will probably be lost. Therefore, after creating an online store, you need to leave funds for its promotion on the Internet. Promotion requires clear planning. In the future, it is advisable to test different channels of Internet marketing, so that such combinations begin to bring good results with sales.

In order to achieve maximum success in promoting the online store and be as much as possible in those sources where your customer is constantly located, it is necessary to draw up a marketing plan.

  1. Write down what makes your business unique. The first thing to consider when developing your online marketing strategy for promoting an online store is your element of differentiation, or what makes your business unique and distinguishes it from competitors. What do you offer customers what the competition is wrong? Perhaps you always have free shipping or discounts for loyal members, or a wide range that is unique in the market. Then take the time to think about a couple of other customer benefits and write them down as well. Having everything clearly written, you will help focus and draw your strategy for promoting the online store in the long term.
  2. Determine what your marketing and business goals are. In any business plan, you need goals, and this also applies to marketing plans, so the second step in creating your strategy is to place these goals on paper and add terms to them. Do you want to make the first 100 sales in 3 months? This is a goal, and as long as you keep it realistic and very specific, it is a good (“smart”) goal. Details of the steps required to achieve this. 100 sales in 3 months means approximately 30 sales per month or 1 sale per day. But the first two to four weeks can be more difficult until people start learning about your store, so you may have to set your goal and say that you will make only 10 sales in the first month, and then 45 sales in 2 and 3 months.
  3. Identify the channels that you want to use to effectively promote the online store, and the specific steps that are worth taking. Let’s use the previous example to make it easier to understand: your first goal is to sell 100 products in 3 months, but this is too vague a concept. Select a product category and see if you can include this product category or the product itself for the upcoming event: the goal may be to sell, for example, 100 Christmas kitchen sets for 3 months. Now, how can you increase the chances of achieving this goal? Create a campaign, place a banner on the main page, optimize the category page for kitchen sets and each product page, then create banners and advertisements on social networks, and also launch a gift or an advertising campaign for bloggers for various relevant keywords. You can choose as many steps as you want if you have a budget and human resources.

Just make sure to be consistent and clearly define your goals, and do not use too many channels for promoting an online store at the same time if your resources are limited.

The absence or non-compliance with the positioning of the online store

You have chosen a product that you will sell, and also created an online store,  selected promotion channels and launched promotion. After looking at a few basic queries, for example, “online store + category name”, “category + buy”, “product + buy”, you will see that there are your competitors in the top 10, so the task is to differ and show that you are better than the rest.

Only by positioning you can be different from your competitors. The positioning of an online store when promoting is extremely important. Just imagine that you bought a product in the company “X”. They promised that in case of detection of defects in the goods, they are ready to return the money to you if no more than 20 days pass from the time of purchase. The promise is good, because, generally, everyone offers a return of up to 14 days. That is what they differentiated and created their own positioning. However, because of its capabilities, the company did not keep its promise. We can conclude that the positioning of the company is not respected, which will adversely affect its reputation.

I recommend you to make one or several advantages and be sure to observe them. Indeed, sometimes non-compliance with positioning is worse than its absence.

The list of benefits that you can use:

  • emphasize guarantees;
  • indicate that you have been working in the market for a long time;
  • provide free shipping;
  • return of goods within 20 days;
  • there are certificates for goods or from dealers;
  • managers provide expert advice;
  • or other priorities that will help to highlight your site clearly and make it clear that this online store is the best.

You need to know the advantages of the online store and the goods that you are going to sell in order for the promotion to become as effective as possible. Emphasizing these features will help you choose the most appropriate strategy for promoting an online store. At the same time, constantly monitor the results, analyze them, correct errors, and also remember that far from always promotion results can be seen already in the first week of work.

I will do everything myself to promote the online store

Of course, the desire to do everything yourself is respected, but can you cover and correctly analyze all areas of Internet marketing and the steps to advance? Wouldn’t it be more expedient to order online store promotion? Like it or not, there are approximately 200 working hours in a month, unless you are going to work at night 🙂 Therefore, it is better to delegate this task to experts who will provide qualified advice and recommendations for your online store.

Why should the high-quality promotion of an online store in the top 10 be entrusted to highly qualified specialists? Why SEO online store promotion does not allow you to achieve results with the same level of probability?

Everything is very simple, because your outsourcing team may have:

  • the practice of promoting online stores, you do not want to study on your own project and drive it into a ban;
  • the contractor has an expert team that can have 12 employees in various fields. It’s like playing football against 11 players yourself, however, it will not be easy
  • the contractor takes care of your online store when you are doing internal business processes at this time, which really no one can do in your place: this is monitoring the work of managers, sending goods, delivering goods or finding new suppliers, and much more.

Remember that the outsourcing team must be chosen correctly, otherwise the promotion threatens the loss of money and time. Pay attention to the presence in this company of successfully completed portfolio projects for the promotion and promotion of the online store, whether the company is really competent. It is worth reviewing what they write about on their blog and whether they use the blog at all. I also recommend that you look at what articles are available: extensive and interesting or just a dry theory of online store promotion.

There are several such parameters that will allow you to choose the contractors competent in promoting the online store and be sure that the promotion of your online store will be successful.

Neglecting the details, or I’m the designer myself

Own taste is only your own taste, so placing or changing items in the online store has simple rules. It is enough to look at the top leaders of various subjects or other countries and see their design elements of the store. You can also take into account that they collect data from analysts and analyze them, so something very radically new and innovative should not be invented and fantasized.

Keep in mind that at the moment, all users are very picky about the designs (and mainly convenience) of each site. It is an interesting, unique, but most convenient design, created on the basis of analysis, that can help in promoting the online store.

I provide some tips for creating a user-friendly design for an online store:

  1. Do not make users think about how to use the online store. In any case, the effective promotion of the online store will not happen if the user cannot use your services. In a word, you should not come up with a new bike.
  2. Give users the opportunity only in 2-3 clicks to get the necessary thing or get on the page. From this, the promotion of the online store will only become more effective, and sales will begin to increase.
  3. Keep customers focused on one point, rather than trying to scatter their attention across the page. The main call to action, on which it is worth focusing your attention, is the implementation of an order. All other texts, images, recommendations only mean that it will help the user to buy.
  4. Content, quality, and placement of content. All you need to do with the content is to identify the need for the content theme, write and clearly structure it so that it is more convenient for the user to read it, to do SEO-promotion of the online store for it to be seen. By design, I recommend creating a corporate style of writing and stick to it constantly. Do not use italics or bold text in keyword texts. This immediately scares off customers.
  5. Strive for simplicity. Users rarely visit the site to use the design – they are looking for useful information.
  6. Testing is your best friend. As in the promotion of an online store, so in design it is worth constantly testing changes. Regarding the design of the site and its convenience, I recommend using the Plerdy click map. Thanks to her, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the design.
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When the store has a limited flow of potential customers, +/- 100 per day of traffic, everyone needs to be served at a high level, at least:

  1. Greetings: “Hello! The League of Sports store welcomes you, how can I help you? ”
  2. The recommendation is to replace the product with a similar one if there is no desired product.
  3. Tips for choosing  – expert advice and advice on a particular product.
  4. Be persistent  – call the customer back and find out what else to help in choosing.
  5. Speech culture  – please be happy to help, thanks.

And it happens that it can be considered a very bad thing when no one picks up the phone and doesn’t call back. Therefore, no matter how much money you invest in promoting and promoting an online store, there may not be sales. It is very good when the owner himself works as a sales assistant and is able to competently go through these steps. In this case, when there is an increase in sales in the store, he will know how to properly delegate these responsibilities to a new manager or how to choose an employee for these promotion tasks.

We conducted a “mystery shopper” experiment with 5 stores where managers work, only 1 recommended and sold the goods well enough.

Here are some tips for quality phone work that will help increase sales and improve online store promotion:

  1. Perfectly know all the information about the product. You must be prepared for any provocative questions from customers. In the absence of an exhaustive answer to a client’s question, one may lose it.
  2. Confidence in the product. If your product solves a customer problem, you must unobtrusively motivate it to make a purchase. In another case, they will not believe you.
  3. Love every customer. The client always feels with what intonation and desire you are talking to him. If you are indifferent and only work from client to client, achieving success will be simply unrealistic.
  4. Watch the pronunciation. The conversation should be correct, fast, clear, and, most importantly, understandable for customers. DO NOT use parasitic words, they will only annoy your interlocutors.
  5. Continually improve and practice.

So, in the end, the following things will slow down your path to the TOP of issuance when promoting online:

  1. An excess of unnecessary features, hidden payments, and a too-long user journey. The simpler the interaction with the site, the more orders there will be. The fewer steps you need to take to pay, the better. And, at the same time, the most important thing is not to hide the real price of the goods with the commission, delivery. This is 56% of cases becomes the reason for the refusal to place an order, and not because of expensive or cheap goods.
  2. Lack of assortment of goods and descriptions of it. The buyer needs a choice – the more choices they have, the higher are the sales figures. And, at the same time, potential buyers, which are many times more, require tips, descriptions of goods.
  3. Lack of a marketing plan.

Dropshipping for Beginners: Adding The Final Charm to your Online Store

There are online stores with millions of sales, hundreds, and thousands of visitors per day, and there are those that are visited only by their owner and two managers. 

What would you like it to be? Successful online stores require hard work. We will tell you how truly profitable projects differ from everyone else. And how to turn your online store into one of those that others are equal to!

Gather Contacts

Audience retention is a priority that cannot be ignored. First of all, because it is a great opportunity to form a loyal customer community and generate repeat sales. The most effective method is e-mail marketing, that is, your mailing list. Some online stores use the mailing list to receive repeat sales volumes compared to all other sources. Especially during the holiday season and during the campaign. The collection of necessary customer contacts can be carried out by various methods – registration forms, pop-up windows with a subscription, pages, and communities on social networks. Each of these methods is effective in its way, and it is advisable to apply them comprehensively.

Here is a quick guide on 5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins that can help you capture leads.

You can also read: Email Marketing for eCommerce Store: How to Plan an Effective Email Newsletter?

You can also get access to: The first email & SMS marketing automation tool to automatically recommend products based on customer behaviour. 

Pay Attention to Customer Service

Price dumping is the road to nowhere. However, many newcomers make the same mistake when trying to play on price cuts. Even if this is justified for some time, in the long run, this approach will not only stop you from developing, but it can also lead to serious losses. In modern times, the most effective competitive advantage is the professionalism of consultants and the quality of service. It is these advantages that allow small online stores to compete with famous brands, even in such highly competitive niches as digital technology. Service is a multifaceted concept. It includes work in many areas, such as the speed of processing and delivery of orders, exchange and return of goods, after-sales service, and professional advice to a potential buyer on any issues.

You can integrate FREE Live chat on your store using and hire chat agents for as low as $1/hr.

Content marketing

The realities of modern Internet marketing are such that it is necessary to divide the content into several types: SEO texts for categories on pagination pages, texts for product pages, and content focused on the interests of the audience. High-quality content allows you to not only provide visitors with targeted keywords and phrases for your business, but also helps to engage users and create an audience loyal to the brand. 

When writing content, we recommend focusing on the benefits of a particular product and your online store, as well as using such popular formats as product reviews, new products, comparisons, and selection tips. Experiment with feed formats, because information can be presented not only as a text article, but also formatted as infographics, as well as create high-quality video reviews. This is a promising area, which we will consider in more detail, devoting a separate article to the topic of video reviews and channels on YouTube.

You can see this amazing tool Vidnetics, that can help you YouTube marketing.

Design plays an Important Role

Many entrepreneurs still underestimate the importance of the appearance of an online store site. Pleasant and harmonious design brings pleasure not only in aesthetic terms, but also in the process of interaction when viewing pages or making a purchase. We recommend the use of such a design that matches the theme of the site, as well as the style of the brand as a whole, including colors and other elements. Well-placed blocks with advantages and guarantees, answers to questions of potential buyers and contributes to a significant increase in the level of conversion. In our practice, there are many cases where a change in appearance alone allowed us to increase the number of purchases by tens of percent. In the future, additional material will certainly be prepared on this topic on our blog.

Here is something I would highly recommend for designing your stores images, banners, logos, and many others.

Additional features of Glorify:

  • Background Remover
  • 1-Click Brand It Feature
  • 12000 eCommerce Niche & Thematic templates
  • Logo Maker
  • Smart Resize
  • Product Effects: Shadows & Reflections
  • Annotate tool
  • Design bundles (all eCommerce platforms, all social media channels)
  • eBook templates
  • Awesome stock integrations with Pixabay, Pexels
  • Icons8 Icons & Models integration

Give Recommendations

It happens that a visitor comes to the online store for one product, and buys another or several at once in the kit. That is why the blocks of recommended, as well as similar products and sets should be in every online store. For example, a page with a tablet displays models of other manufacturers similar in characteristics and price, or chargers, adapters, and branded accessories. This is one of the surest ways to push the buyer to make the final purchase decision. Recommendations and additional suggestions are used by the leaders of the global e-commerce market, and this is a weighty argument to add them to your website. Using this functionality, you can increase the conversion rate and a significant increase in the average purchase receipt.

Emphasis on Simplicity

Numerous tests convincingly prove that complex forms must be avoided. An incomprehensible ordering process and too many steps that a user needs to make a purchase frighten off buyers. Everything ingenious is simple, and concerning online stores this statement will be completely true. Reduce the number of fields on the order form, remove the need for mandatory registration for the purchase, make sure that all elements that may affect the decision to purchase are in a conspicuous place, and cannot be misinterpreted by the user. The process of navigating the website of an online store and the chain of actions for making a purchase should be so simple that even the person who first places an order on the Internet can figure it out.

Stimulate Reviews

According to the research of online marketers, the availability of reviews on the product page increases the conversion rate by 30% or more. And it doesn’t matter, we are talking about positive, neutral and even negative comments – the main thing is that they be. Negative comments and criticism must not be removed, especially if it is constructive. Reviews of various kinds cause much more trust than just positive. Moreover, if the online store has just opened, you can stimulate discussion by ordering a small number of reviews from copywriters. And to encourage real visitors to leave their opinions, use calls to action, and various small bonuses. 

An interesting method for receiving comments is to send emails to customers asking them to leave feedback on the product, which many buyers eagerly respond to. The fact, that reviews of products left by other people are perceived by potential buyers as a personal recommendation. Their value is much higher, and trust them more than the opinion of consultants and store managers. Also, often in the comments you can find interesting information on the non-obvious use of a product or practical advice on the operation of the goods.

Here is a quick SEO Promotion: Why are Website Reviews so Important?

Test your Sales Channels

The more sources of attracting customers to the website of the online store you use, the less your dependence on any particular channel. This is not only a diversification of risks, but also a great way to determine the most cost-effective direction of work and bypass competitors through this channel. It would seem, why waste time working with a traffic channel that brings dozens of visitors a day and a couple of sales. But several of these areas together can generate large volumes of traffic and ensure stable sales growth. Especially if work in this direction holds great promise. Among the promising sources of attracting traffic to the online store, there are such areas as:

  • search engine promotion (SEO);
  • contextual advertising and remarketing (PPC);
  • marketplaces and commodity aggregators;
  • social networks (remarketing);
  • e-mail newsletter;
  • reviews on thematic sites;
  • teaser networks, etc.

It is worth noting that these directions can be divided into two groups: temporary traffic sources, which depend on the budget, and permanent, which makes it possible to receive visitors even without a constant investment of money. The first group includes contextual advertising, retargeting in social networks, teaser networks, and commodity aggregators. The second group is search engine promotion, e-mail marketing, and content marketing (reviews on sites). The effect of such work is best manifested in the medium and long term and requires more investment in the initial stages. In most cases, work is carried out in only one or two directions. There are many more Internet marketing methods that you can use in e-commerce. And working with each such channel can bring you profit.

Here is a 7 Step Ultimate Checklist for Every New Ecommerce Store

Work on Logistics

Despite the development of transport services and courier delivery, the problem of the speed of processing and delivery of orders is still relevant, as there are many examples of problems in processing orders on the side of managers of the online store. Sophisticated logistics is especially relevant for large online stores, but it is necessary to start working on improving it even in the early stages of development. This will improve the reputation of the online store among buyers and avoid a growth crisis when a sharp increase in the number of orders leads to the fact that employees do not have time to process everything quickly. A good and proven option is the use of third-party couriers who can guarantee the fastest delivery within the city without the need to open an official representative office.

Loyalty is the key to success

Satisfied customers who return are the most valuable asset of the online store. It is necessary to strive to form an audience that is loyal to your brand from the first day of work. This is a great opportunity to increase your average bill and ensure a steady stream of repeat orders. Also, such users themselves contribute to the dissemination of information about your online store by telling friends and acquaintances about it. There are many ways to increase customer loyalty that has proven effective. Among them are methods such as discounts on the first purchase or an additional product in the basket, bonuses for attracting friends, interesting contests, promotions, club cards, and other marketing tools. Here is a complete guide: The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Customer Loyalty Program

Track metrics

The development of any site, including the online store, can be tracked using key performance indicators (KPI). Such metrics make it possible to understand whether work is being done in the right direction, positive or negative development dynamics, and also to compare data for different periods among themselves. Depending on the type of site, performance indicators may vary. For an online store, we recommend tracking metrics such as:

  • % new and repeat visits;
  • number of clicks by source;
  • conversion rate
  • ROI for individual sources, etc.

In general, in each case, the number of such metrics may differ for online stores with a lot of traffic and orders, sometimes totals dozens of points. For an unprepared person, this is complex information that requires a lot of time for analysis, so we recommend using the services of our specialists. BossFunnels’s employees are certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics experts, and our successful experience in this area is supported by numerous cases. Here are some best eCommerce Analytical Tools that you can use.

Build Trust

One of the problems of e-commerce is still a certain mistrust of online stores by users. The reason for this is both the fraud of individual players and the lack of information. Building trust among a potential buyer is a very important task, especially relevant for new online stores. There is nothing complicated, you just need more openness, and even the design of an online store should indicate quality. Place contacts and other information about the online store in a visible place, show quality certificates and other similar documents, add a page with photos of your employees and the office. Also, describe the terms of exchange and return of goods for doubters. Thus, you signal your openness and honesty, inspiring trust among people.

Implement ideas

With the help of small improvements to the website of the online store and simple marketing techniques, sometimes you can achieve a significant increase in sales. Nothing prevents you from right now starting to collect useful ideas that you can quickly implement both on your site and concerning work processes. Examples of such small but useful improvements include the one-click purchase button, the display of advantage blocks on pages, etc. It’s worth taking the time to look at competitors’ websites and top-level online stores of related topics to understand what you’re missing and then you can be better. After that, after consulting with specialists, you can make the right decision in which ideas are worth testing.

Here is a quick guide on On-page SEO tips for eCommerce Store Owners

Ask Questions

You may think that the client has several reasons to buy from you, but only the buyer himself can help you learn the truth. Do not be afraid to ask why customers like to buy from you or, conversely, what they don’t like about your online store. If the buyer has not completed the transaction and interrupted the order process, ask him why he made such a decision. To do this, you can use both the mailing list and connect consultants to the solution of this task or launch a remarketing campaign in contextual advertising. This will not only help you solve potential problems, but also eliminate the points that hinder the expansion of sales. However, it must be understood that the active use of this method of work requires a user contact database, especially e-mail addresses.

Here are 8 BEST Tools For Creating Online Surveys that you can use to create surveys.

Analyze Competitors

In any niche, if it is not a monopoly, there are always some of the most successful players who compete among themselves. On the example of some of them, it is worth learning for both beginners and more experienced business owners. Analytics of competitors’ sites allows you to learn a lot of interesting things and try to adapt the successful experience to your practice. The data obtained allow us to find new areas of Internet marketing, work on which will help to increase profits. When analyzing competitors, a whole combination of methods of both a manual nature and automated services is used, allowing you to obtain data such as:

  • Backlinks to competitor sites;
  • the visibility of their sites by keywords;
  • estimated attendance;
  • Most popular pages
  • and much more.

To do this, you can use the services of our specialists who will collect valuable information for the development of your business. Here is a quick guide on Which of My Competitor’s Keywords Should (& Shouldn’t) I Target?.

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SEO for Niche Reach

Investing in an internet marketing channel such as search engine promotion is one of the best strategies for the medium to long term success. High-quality optimization and work on the promotion of an online store can gradually increase market share, gaining more traffic and sales. It is necessary to focus on the maximum coverage of the niche both by keywords and by traffic. In parallel with profit growth, the business owner receives such pleasant bonuses as increasing brand recognition, the possibility of distributing demand across the entire production network, and lowering the cost of attracting each new customer. 

You can also read: On-page SEO tips for eCommerce Store Owners

PPC remarketing

Remarketing technology used in campaigning on content networks allows you to provide additional sales with less investment. The essence of remarketing is the possibility of re-displaying an advertisement to a potential client who has already visited your site but has not made a purchase at that moment. Thus, additional impressions are aimed at an already “warmed up” audience, which initially already showed interest in the products of your online store. And your brand is constantly present in the field of attention of your potential client. Displaying banners can be carried out for certain products and categories or to promote the online store itself. The advantages of this mechanism are the ability to return a departed customer and push them to place an order. You can also personalize the advertising message.

You can also read: The Ecommerce Marketer’s Guide to PPC Advertising

Monitor and Evaluate

Regardless of the size of your online store, as well as in the early stages of its development, a business owner needs to control the processing of orders by managers and other processes related to customer interactions. Thus, you can track the effectiveness of certain marketing activities and make sure that the people responsible for processing orders are working properly. The fact is that often the problem with sales does not lie in the plane of traffic or conversion, but is connected precisely with the human factor. An unprofessional consultant who carelessly treats customer service can easily scare away any potential buyer. Monitoring and evaluating the operational processes of the online store can avoid a whole range of possible problems in the future. People trust other people and no advertising can even approximately provide the same effect that the recommendation of the buyer provides to your friends and acquaintances of your brand.

A truly high-quality online store with refined business processes, polite and qualified consultants can provide customers with sufficient positive experience to start recommending it to other people and returning for the purchase.

Right now, you can begin to implement the tips we listed to earn more, make your business better, and start collecting an audience of satisfied and loyal customers around it.

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