SEO Promotion: Why are Website Reviews so Important?


Reviews play an important role in website SEO promotion. Why are they needed, let’s understand in detail?

  1. A site with reviews is considered socially useful: it not only sells but also informs people about the real quality of products and their possible shortcomings, helping users make their choice.
  2. Stores selling consumer goods (medicines, products, and household appliances) can add only the information specified.
  3. In the manufacturer’s instructions to the description of each individual product. In this situation, it is very difficult to make the site content unique, because many competing sites describe the same products in the same words. By the way, each of these descriptions is usually a small text, and their uniqueness is
  4. Reviews on the site are a free source of unique content from users that appears on your site for free. The more reviews, the greater the uniqueness of the site.
  5. People often search the web for reviews of certain products or services, and the key “reviews” is very common. Therefore, if you do not have reviews yet, then at least the key – “reviews (product name)” must be. This will help raise the site in the ranking of
  6. Search engines.
  7. Reviews of sites on other sites increase confidence in the portal. Therefore, you can specify the addresses of well-known sites on the site, where customers can also leave their feedback about
  8. You.

Reviews are a block of content that increases the search ranking of the portal. To make it easier for the robot to find reviews on the page, you can “indicate” the path to them using

Google raises the rating of portals with reviews marked in this way and additionally raises the snippet in the rating. It is debatable whether the robot distinguishes between positive and negative reviews, but Google and all other search engines will definitely take into account their presence.

Negative reviews on the site can not be deleted.

A site with a complete lack of negativity is perceived by the user as a site well edited by the owner. According to the English agency “Reevoo”, negative reviews increase confidence in the site. Such reviews, however, should quickly receive a response from managers.

We should apologize to our customers for the mistake and offer them possible solutions to the problem. You can also ask them to note in the comments under the review that the issue has been resolved and indicate how. You should not bicker with customers or justifiably make excuses to them – this will not inspire respect from other users, and only provoke their outflow to competitors.

How to get reviews for your business website?

Few customers are eager to express their opinion on products purchased, spending their time on this. Therefore, it is worth asking them about this on the website or in a letter that will catch up with the customer after the purchase. For reviews on the site you can accrue bonuses, then people will write them more often. If the site does not have a single review, you can order a couple from copywriters, because customers more effectively leave reviews where there is already text.

The feedback form should be as simple as possible. Also, do not ask users to leave their data. As practice shows, most people leaving reviews want to stay incognito.

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With fresh insights, tips and news from our ecommerce business team in a FREE weekly newsletter.