Buying a Domain Name

Unique ways of Buying a Premium & Brandable Domain Name

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Do you hope to kick start your business real soon but the domain name is still hanging on the payment thread? Well, there are causes and concerns, definitely, and different for everyone, but let’s not forget to read into the details and find the answers.

It’s not easy shaking hands on a deal with mutual consent from both parties. It is more difficult when it comes to the payment of the deal.

So, make things clear and let’s roll onto the simple ways to help you close the deal finally, especially when the seller is a bit resolute with his pricings.

Planning payment is the key

Plans always help in making a clear view of the domain name you wish to buy. If you plan well, you know what is good for you and what is not. Whatever be the price, it is easy to seek it out or be done with it with the right payment plan.

With a payment plan, the buyer sets its foot to make ongoing payments until the full amount is paid. If there is a case of a down payment with monthly fees, like the buyer agrees to pay $20,000 on a payment plan, then the amount paid in advance might be $5,000 with the monthly amount of $1,000 extending up to the period of 15 months.

In the case of the ongoing payment:

  • the buyer can change the nameservers of the domain name to act as a host of the website,
  • with the domain name being still under the seller till the payment is complete.

While on the other hand, the making payments i.e when his/her time is done with the hold of the domain name, it is still under the seller.

Many payment plan details such as provides smooth handling of payments and also lets you stop making payments if you wish to cease it. In such situations, the seller holds the domain name with complete payment to date.

The Lease Part

A lease is what you understand from the word, keep it for a duration with the ongoing payment per month without ever holding the ownership of it.

However, a lease might sound and feel a bit more satisfying, for the long term it turns out to be a burden or something more than what you expect.

Suppose, for many reasons you decide to take a domain name on a lease of $200/month for the period you wish to use it and it actually costs $10,000. Now, after using it you realize it’s helping you reach the market well and you wish to buy it, you have to pay the full amount excluding the rent you paid (which is counted as extra).

So, it is better to have a plan for what you want and for how much money you want to make the deal. However, if you wish to buy the domain name, you can anytime stop paying the lease(having an option is better than nothing, right?)

Startups and Equity.

Shaking hands is always making a deal, and it is on the other end to prove it to you, be it a startup or a well-established company. When a well-established company won’t give you equity, startups work there.

Startups are well-versed in creativity, out of the box, potential, and hope even though they are a bit low on the cash. You can always buy a domain name in exchange for equity(or in addition to) money.

There might be different examples and cases, but the buyers should know good to work for combining money and equity.

An Ancient system of Barter

Entrepreneurs are the sharp lot, they know the deal, be it making it or breaking it. With them, you can always buy your domain name in exchange for some of your output.

They give you their time and sweat, you give them some part of the fruit of their time and sweat, and it works wonders if it hasn’t been noted yet. As they say, “the old days are the gold days”.

Think out of the box, nothing beats a creative mind. If you succeed in making your plans turn into a flourishing result, then come forward with your bandwagon of ideas and join hands with now.

Buy your domain name and let the sparks of your idea reach the market with the best deals possible. Shake hands with us with your choice of plans to enter the arena of success and your very own branding.

Ruby Singh is a professional content writer and is working for several Magazines including Thrive Global, ReadWrite, Buzzfeed, etc. As her major project, she is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads

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