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What to Sell in 2023: An Overview of 14 Ideas and Popular Products

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The e-commerce market is booming. Here is an overview of products that will certainly be in demand in 2023.

1. Clothing and Shoes

Let’s start with a very obvious category, clothing & shoes. There are many reasons for hitting the first position: a huge selection, reasonable prices and the ability to return instantly. Though this is a minus point for online sellers as the products in this category are returned/exchanged more often than other categories. On some eCommerce stores, you can even find virtual fitting rooms to reduce return costs.

One way or another, clothes and shoes are a win-win option for sales. Here, getting into a trend and following trends is more important than in other market niches. Here is what will be in demand in 2023:

  • dyed leather products. It is mainly about outerwear: men’s and women’s jackets, raincoats and coats. But not only that. Pants, cardigans, and hats made of colored leather and eco-leather will also be very popular;
  • clothes with tropical prints. Hawaiian shirts will be fashionable to wear not only at the resort or on vacation but also in everyday life;
  • products stylized as hand-made;
  • corsets
  • things from transparent and translucent fabrics.

The general trend of fashion 2023 is exclusive. But do not forget about the classic models of clothing. Approximately 40% of buyers are 35-65 years old, not all of them like the experiments of fashion designers – they adhere to a more restrained style. Therefore, traditional trousers, sweaters, jackets, and t-shirts should still form the basis of the collection of any online store.

The range of clothes on the site:

2. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Google’s study shows that the share of these products is 32 and 34 percent of all global Internet sales. The fashion for personal care products has not changed over the years. There are new brands of popular creams, shampoos and toothpastes, which suppliers themselves bring to the market. But with cosmetics, everything is much more interesting. Trends here are fleeting as in the world of clothes. By the way, make-up trends are born on fashion catwalks. Together with new clothes, models demonstrate new makeup trends, which then go to the people.

If we talk about trends, then in 2023 they will be as follows:

  • glitter. All kinds of sparkles and sequins for the face are now used not only as decorations. They make out parts of the face as a whole. It can be lips, eyelids and even eyelashes. It is strictly necessary to include such products in the collection of an online cosmetic store in 2023;
  • highlighter. The fashion for this has not passed for a couple of years and will definitely go into 2023. So this is a must-have if you own a store;
  • eyebrow styling products. People nowadays run for natural products. So select your product catalog wisely;
  • colored shadows. The most bizarre shades: fashionistas manage to use a dozen different colors in the design of one century;
  • red lipstick. Classic scarlet shade;
  • freckles. In 2023, they will be at the peak of their popularity. Those who are unlucky and god did not reward them with bright freckles, will have to do this with makeup. Your task is to provide appropriate cosmetics, including them in the range of online cosmetics store.
Examples of highlighters in the catalog of the online store:

3. Smartphones and Gadgets

iPhone 12 will be released in the fall of 2023. How many cameras it will have, we do not know that yet! The price is also not yet known, but it will obviously be higher than the eleventh model popular today.

No jokes, but smartphone sales continue to be one of the most popular eCommerce destinations. 29 percent of buyers buy them online. The beginning of this year is traditionally marked with a boom in this industry. Some manufacturers promise to update their line in 2023 more than once. Here is a list of the most anticipated models:

  • iPhone 12, promise to present in the fall of 2023, presumably in September;
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy 11 and SAMSUNG Galaxy F2. The main feature of the devices is the front camera, built right into the screen matrix;
  • LG G 10 with two screens;
  • Huawei P40 and P40 Pro.

This is not a complete list of new smartphones coming in 2023. New models will be shown by manufacturers such as Xiaomi and HTC, as well as budget Fly, Lenovo, ZTE and OnePlus. Given that the owners will immediately want to replace obsolete devices with new ones, it is worthwhile to prepare for sales in advance and order products from official distributors.

Do not forget about accessories and gadgets for mobile technology. For example, Apple recently presented the next AirPods Pro model with an advanced noise reduction system, water protection, and interchangeable earbuds. Be sure to replenish the collection with safety glasses, chargers and covers. This will provide an opportunity to attract more buyers and increase the average purchase sales.

Examples of digital gadget store:

4. Large Household Appliances

This is another category of goods that people prefer to buy online. The number of small offline equipment stores tends to zero, and large retailers like Eldorado and M-Video are not available everywhere. There is no raging passion for fashion, popularity, and trends. Successful models of washing machines and refrigerators can be produced for years, and consumers will be happy to buy them.

Therefore, the list of household appliances will not change in comparison with 2019 and will look like this:

  • refrigerators: single-chamber, two-chamber, different sizes, and brands;
  • washing machines. Manufacturers continue to experiment with air bubble washing methods, but the basis of the assortment will still be classic devices with a drum, both vertical and horizontal loading;
  • dishwashers. But sales of these devices are growing every year, so next year you can give them a little more attention and expand the catalog by a couple of models;
  • electric and gas stoves;
  • boilers, boilers, instantaneous water heaters;
  • built-in kitchen appliances.

If you are just opening an online store of large household appliances, work on things such as deliveries, assembly, installation, and connection. Not everyone will be able to connect the washing machine to the water supply and sewage systems. Solve these issues for the customer – get more sales.

5. Consumer Electronics

The beginning of this year has marked a slight decline due to market saturation. Customers have bought equipment at New Year’s sales with discounts, after which the market has quietened for a short while. It’s time to update the range and bring in new models of televisions, home cinemas, and speakers.

Things like DVD players and music centers continue to lose in sales. This is no wonder: they are almost completely replaced by computers twisted by auxiliary systems. It’s much easier to take a TV or PC and speakers with a subwoofer and enjoy your favorite music or movies without buying a separate device. Two or three models will still work, but we do not recommend it anymore.

It is worth paying attention to the musical equipment of the sample of the 70s and 80s: record players, cassettes and reel tape recorders. While this is exotic, but more and more lovers of such technology will buy it wither because of memories, while others buy it for a high-quality and original “live” sound. But one way or another – they buy. Betting on old-fashioned equipment is not worth it, just simply expand the range – that’s it. Moreover, such products belong to the category of high margin and can bring good profits.

6. Furniture

This type of product is not bought often and the main sales are still offline. However, high margin, large average check, and profit do not allow us to bypass this niche. Moreover, 17 percent of the population is already buying furniture on the Internet, and in the future, this figure will only grow.

Often you can come across such an approach among furniture clients: a suitable model is chosen in one of the offline stores, after which it is ordered on the Internet – Why? Because it’s cheaper. Therefore, you can advise online sellers to focus on showrooms and participation in offline projects to show the goods’ first face. It is the combination of retail and online sales that can be the key to success in this field.

As for the trends, they are as follows:

  • furniture imitating raw wood. And, in fact, furniture from rough processed wood for VIP clients. The main thing is the texture of the product. It should emphasize the pattern of the tree;
  • furniture made from natural minerals and imitation of those. In fashion quartz, marble, granite;
  • popular upholstery colors – watermelon, blue velvet, gray, beige, pink;
  • furniture with inserts for various non-ferrous metals: steel, copper, brass;
  • voluminous sofas and ottomans;
  • skinny dressers.

7. Auto Parts and Accessories

Motorists have long preferred to order and buy this category of goods on the Internet. Being too vast in terms of its accessories, no retail store can afford to keep the entire range in stock. Meanwhile, the hardware and consumables are needed on priority. This is especially true for corporate clients. Nobody likes to wait until their car is repaired.

Therefore, the opening of an auto parts store was and remains a win-win option for a startup. In 2023, the picture will not change. True, there is no need to talk about innovations here – the market is relatively static. Assortment should include:

  • expendable materials. Sometimes this segment makes up to 60 percent of sales of the online parts store. So all kinds of filters, belts, pads, and racks should always be available to order;
  • details of large units: engine, gearbox, chassis, and body;
  • spare parts for suspension and steering: traction, racks, steering tips, shock absorbers;
  • auto chemical goods in the assortment: oils, power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, paints and varnishes, interior care products;
  • wheels assembly, tires, and wheels.

A couple more notes. Car tuning will continue to gain popularity. Here, the drivers were divided into several subcultures: jeepers, street racers, car audio lovers and many others. Auto winch, exhaust pipe silencers, sports kit, and speakers will hit high demand. If you dilute the assortment with such devices, you will attract more buyers.

8. Intimate Goods

The demand for such products in online stores is understandable: the anonymity and security of the transaction is a priority for most buyers. For this reason, amateurs began to diversify their sex lives by buying intimate goods online. Cold audiences can be a good option for most advertisers. In addition, manufacturers of such products regularly pamper customers with a variety of new products. 

  • various costumes for role-playing games: maid, nurse, stewardess, police officer;
  • artificial phalluses and vaginas;
  • vibrators and dildos (a steady trend of the last few years – vibro-vacuum devices);
  • erotic underwear;
  • leather and latex products: suits, belts, shoes, lashes;
  • perfumes with pheromones and other intimate cosmetics;
  • goods for BDSM;
  • erotic films and magazines;
  • the literature on sexual literacy. “Kama Sutra” has been and remains one of the most popular and best-selling books.

The sale of such goods requires a special approach to packaging. Even the courier guy delivering the order does not need to know what exactly inside your package, so be creative with packaging.

Creative gift ideas can be found here-
Creative gift ideas can be found here-

9. Small Household Appliances

Such products are bought online by 12 percent of users. Goods can be sold separately or included in the range of a large online store of household appliances and electronics. This is what it is all about:

  • vacuum cleaners and household cleaning products;
  • microwave ovens, bread machines, slow cookers;
  • irons, ironing boards, steamers. Steam irons that don’t need a board are in fashion;
  • blenders, food processors;
  • equipment for the beauty industry: hair straighteners, electric curlers;
  • beard care products. We recommend that you include professional equipment for hairdressers, beauty salons and barbershops in the assortment. The number of such establishments is constantly increasing, which means that demand will be guaranteed.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the direction of smart home appliances. It makes sense to expand the assortment with all kinds of humidifiers and fragrances, weather stations, floor scales. There are even sinks of room air, and they are beginning to be in demand. You can’t buy it for yourself, but why not?

An overview of Beard Set store:

10. Accessories

Another area where you need to carefully monitor fashion trends and keep your finger on the pulse is Accessories. Nobody will simply buy your goods if they do not meet the requirements. So what are the requirements for the range of accessories that will be in 2023? 

  • women’s ties. Famous brands have already shown such products at fashion shows in fashion capitals. It is to be expected that in 2023 it will be taken over by major brands;
  • belts imitating coarse hemp ropes and thick ropes. Yes: with sea knots, steel elements, and scuffs;
  • micro bags. Such accessories were presented almost simultaneously at the shows of Borbonese, Aigner, Marco de Vincenzo, and Chloé;
  • accented collars. This product is experiencing another round of popularity. Be sure to add several models to the assortment – they will scatter like hotcakes in the market;
  • accessories decorated with feathers. We are talking about literally everything: belts, bags, hats and even shoes.

And this is just the beginning: what we have listed will be in demand only in winter. Trends will change again – so do not forget to follow the news. In the meantime, free up space in the warehouse for the current assortment of 2023.

11. Computers and Laptops

Office equipment accounts for 22 percent of sales, according to research by Google. You can be rest assured: in 2023 this figure will only increase – this is evidenced by the general trends of e-commerce. If we talk about niches – the demand for powerful gaming computers and laptops, as well as all kinds of gaming hardware: video cards, processors and so on will grow. The minimum assortment of an online store of computer equipment should look like this:

  • desktop pc assembly. Not everyone will build a device for themselves – ready-made options are also needed;
  • iron for assembly. Motherboards, processors, RAM modules, video and sound cards;
  • power supplies, coolers;
  • housing;
  • laptops, netbooks, micro books
  • accessories for gaming PCs: gamepads, headphones, electronic steering wheels and pedals, virtual reality devices;
  • auxiliary goods: bags and stands for laptops, chargers, uninterruptible power supplies, protective equipment;
  • peripherals: MFPs, printers, scanners;
  • keyboards, mice, speakers;
  • monitors. Video bloggers have introduced a fashion for video systems consisting of several screens – two, three and even more. Be sure to include such models in the assortment.

12. Household Goods and Utensils

This category is universal! You can create a separate online store for it, or you can include in the assortment of store household appliances, furniture, and even garden and summer cottage goods to your current stores.

The niche is very wide and includes:

  • utensils of various purposes: household festive, gift, camping;
  • cleaning products: buckets, basins, mops;
  • toiletries;
  • cooking utensils;
  • cleaning and detergents, household chemicals;
  • cutlery and more.

What to expect in 2023:

  • asymmetric dishes: plates, glasses, wine glasses and so on;
  • wooden utensils
  • porcelain sets, antique stylized. More precisely, artificially aged. Cracked cups and saucers, supposedly breakaway edges – all this will be popular in 2023;
  • plain dishes of a primitive form

13. Goods for Hobbies

According to research by Google, 28 percent of respondents order hobby products from online stores. You can’t buy many things offline – stores like Leonardo are just starting to gain popularity. While it is expensive in those stores, and the range leaves much to be desired. Buyers are looking for an outlet on the Internet. See what you have to offer them:

  • needlework kits, especially cutting and sewing. It can be cross-stitch kits, fabrics, threads, accessories. And of course, related equipment: sewing machines, hoops, needles;
  • goods for painting: paints, palettes, brushes;
  • sets for woodcarving: cutters, knives, wooden blanks;
  • clay and plastic molding kits and tools;
  • products for beadwork;
  • products for the independent manufacture of jewelry;
  • sets for macrame;
  • other products for creativity.
Popular categories of art and craft by

14. Goods for Sports, Tourism and Outdoor activities

The good news is that new sports are constantly appearing in the world. So, their followers need sports equipment and clothing. For example, in recent years, sports such as wakeboard, BMX cycling, and boxing have been in trend. Do you sell these products? 

And we are not talking about standard sports yet. In the presence of an online store of sporting goods, there must be a classic: goods for winter and summer sports, for board games (chess and so on), sportswear, sports accessories.

And do not forget about goods for outdoor activities – tents, folding furniture, sleeping bags, special lighting devices, thermal underwear. And also goods for hunting and fishing, tourist food packages – all this should be in stock.

Types of shoes that are common for hiking and camping, seen at


We have talked about some main eCommerce trends of 2023. Including any of the above products to your store will help you grow. Share your views in the comment section below.

Ruby Singh is a professional content writer and is working for several Magazines including Thrive Global, ReadWrite, Buzzfeed, etc. As her major project, she is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads

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