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How to get a Perfect Domain name?

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Why is it that everyone sticks on using a GREAT Domain name? What leads are to do with a domain name? It is neither a mystery nor magic.

Everybody who is creative and has a knack for all things great knows this that “everything starts with a name, with a brand”.

Why a Great Domain name?

Identity is what makes everything stay, and success isn’t fixed with a name but it undergoes risks and impressions of a stabled future. Any name cannot have that value of a brand. Facebook, Dropbox, and Instagram just didn’t come into effect with a click of the fingers.

To know a brand and value, the name must be a perfect one (for you at least). Every startup gets starts with its name just like Dropbox did.

You might have the complete plan and idea of running the startup, but without a strong name, it stays completely off the market. Don’t choose an already set name, and if you do, you ought to believe in that name. If you want what has already been discovered then be determined, patient, and sharp like Drew Houston (the co-founder of the company later known as Dropbox), only then can you reach your goal.

Drew Houston found his company a name which he later discovered to have some trademark issues with an absolute risk of using it. Everone do their research and runs their minds over and over for a perfect name to come out. That is exactly what happened with Houston, he got stuck with the name Dropbox and later found it to be already in possession.

The determination and hope of Houston were so real and assertive that after being rejected almost three times he got a chance to call it his own after years of patience.

Landing your domain name and using it for the first time makes it all worth it, every hour, second, and years passed into making it work turns into a blissful memory.

For everything starts with a brand name that hits your ideas and promises a successful future, believing in your name takes you only higher.

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Choose your Perfect Domain name now

Start with your dream domain name and believe in it, it will be worth the money and the time invested in drawing it. Never settle for less or for something you don’t feel good about. It is your business, your future, and your efforts, give it all a perfect name and keep on accelerating.

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Ruby Singh is a professional content writer and is working for several Magazines including Thrive Global, ReadWrite, Buzzfeed, etc. As her major project, she is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads

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