Every new blogger wants to monetize their blogs with Adsense, and many of them fail because of the strict Google Adsense policies.

Our pre-made Google AdSense Approved sites are ready to make you money right away. Shortcut your way to success by trusting the Boss Funnel' process.

After the introduction of the new rules, it became more difficult for webmasters to earn revenue from sites. Of course, the quality of the Google Display Network has improved significantly, but website owners who are accustomed to easy money are not happy.

Now You have to need to Get Approval for your Each Site separately to Place ads on that site. Even if you already have a Fully approved Adsense Account.

You can’t place ads on any site from your existed Adsense Account without getting approval for that new site.

Adsense just got tougher. But don’t worry. With Boss Funnel you are in a safe hands.

We provide niche-specific AdSense approved websites!


Take a closer look at what you are getting-

  • A customized Google AdSense Approved website

  • 5,000+ word content included + on site SEO optimization.

  • Essential pages required by Google and FTC: disclosure, privacy, contact.

  • Free domain name research service.

  • Free niche research and recommendations.

  • Free keyword research and recommendations.

  • FREE Hosting transfer.

We Stand Behind Every Website We've Built, And Guarantee That We’ll Be Here For You Along The Way

NOTE: Our websites will be approved on our AdSense Account, you need to re-apply with your AdSense account for the approval. There’s no guarantee!

There are only 1% chances that the website will not be approved. We will be by your side if that happens. 

With out exclusive methods and expertise, we will give our best to get you approved.

eBook- How to get Google AdSense Approval

In this eBook, We are going to show you some Google Adsense approval tricks and the essential things you must do before applying for Google Adsense.

Some other things included in this eBook are-
– How to get high-quality content writers that work for as low as $5 for 500 words.
– How you can efficiently do one-page seo.
– How to get access to Premium WordPress themes and plugins for cheap prices.
– A Library of free image editing tools, stock photos, and branding sites.
– How to get access to highly-paid SEO tools at cheap prices.
– Free access to our Growth Hacking eBook that generated $22,374 in sales

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