5 Lessons For Bloggers To Learn From Wikipedia [Seo Tips And Content Creation Guide]

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Wikipedia does not need any introduction. Wikipedia is the most significant content maker website which publishes informative, introductory, useful, updated information on all possible things, events, personalities and topics related to lifestyles, technology, religions, demographics, politics, society, entertainment, sports, art, fashion, business, finance, media, and television.

Wikipedia homepage
Wikipedia homepage

Wikipedia is a content giant and information aggregator website. You write any celebrity on the search engine; one of the first four results would be from Wikipedia. Wikipedia company has many other sister websites. Sites like Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikispecies, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Commons, and Meta-Wiki are other projects of the Wikipedia organization.

People know about Wikipedia, so one thing is sure that I am not going to give you an introduction to Wikipedia.

Then, What am I going to tell you? This must be the point you should be wondering about and looking to know. Good!

Whatever a blogging career requires and blogger has to do with his blogging, all the SEO aspects of the blog and website, domain selection, high-quality website hosting reviews and importance, blog’s content making, readers trust development, blogger’s motivation, readers engagement and loyalty, all these factors are an essential part of a blogger’s blogging philosophy and strategy and we are proud to cover all those topics for new bloggers to get quality information and learn whatever we have experienced in the past.

The point is, A topic like ‘5 Lessons for bloggers to learn from Wikipedia’ might not give an excellent idea to the readers who are new into blogging and who don’t know about SEO, blogging, and earning income on the blog. 

As I have explained that we cover topics related to blogging, online income, and blog’s SEO, So I try to deliver few things by going out of the pool to give an understanding to the readers about the basics. Now, if you don’t know much about the content strategy of your blog, then you don’t know what niche is, and then I should not start giving you lectures on SEO of your blog!

The purpose of making such interesting topics is to entertain newcomers of blogging and giving the idea of blogging and content producing to the people who don’t know about blogging so that they easily understand complicated things. Now almost every internet user knows Wikipedia and other sites like Facebook, Hotmail, and yahoo. So it would be a great idea to explain the technicality of search engine optimization with the example of Wikipedia.



There is no doubt of content detail on Wikipedia. It is considered the most effective and accurate information provider about any place, event, person, thing, or activity. Wikipedia is the largest information resource website, and they must have thousands of contributors worldwide to contribute the information and content to Wikipedia.

SEO Content Length: Longer Content Gains Higher Search Ranks
SEO Content-Length: Longer Content Gains Higher Search Ranks

One of the reasons for Wikipedia’s success is the size and full content. Search engines like details and useful content websites and Wikipedia win in many SEO terms and conditions to become important information and content provider for everyone. It stands on no. 6 in the world ranking of websites, according to Alexa. However, many Web Developers, bloggers, and Web Consultants don’t rely much on Alexa, it’s a long debate to do, but undoubtedly well-positioned and well-managed websites or blogs make their Alexa ranks better and better over time.

Detailed content means the complete guideline of the topic, and the content covers and tells most of the things in a shorter time. Similarly, blog content should be like Wikipedia’s content, detailed and well written. Wikipedia usually has long articles to describe things in detail, and search engines love well written and relevant significant size content that helps users to know about a certain topic. Here is a perfect sample of detailed content on Expired Domains.

How to write detailed content
How to write detailed content

Depth in the content of Wikipedia is another sign of its quality and detail. You can see multiple articles linked to a single topic which tells us how much details they have for each topic.


A website or blog’s content won’t win without good quality. Try to learn this thing from Wikipedia that quality needs to be very high. If you analyze the Wikipedia website, you will find out the correct stats and information, which adds more value to their content. Readers follow Wikipedia due to the quality and correctness of the content.

Once you start delivering effective and quality content on your blog just like Wikipedia, then gradually, you will be making your readers base. Don’t compromise on the quality of your content, the trust of readers is hard to get, and it takes few minutes to spoil it. So be careful.

It’s a big lesson to learn for new bloggers. Many bloggers and internet users find different topics on Wikipedia daily, and people mostly come to Wikipedia by searching specific keywords along with Wikipedia or wiki words to get specific Wikipedia pages to see. For example, wiki iphone5, iPhone 5 Wikipedia, Samsung Galaxy S3 Wikipedia, iPad mini Wikipedia are the keywords searchers use on search engines.

So what really defines quality content? These seven things.

  • Quality Content Is Defined by Data
  • Quality Content Achieves Marketing Objectives
  • Quality Content Ranks Well in Google
  • Quality Content Has Remarkable CTR
  • Quality Content Has Lots of Social Media Engagement
  • Quality Content Converts
  • Quality Content Does Well on Every Channel

To learn more about these seven things you can visit:


If you open any Wikipedia article or reach any topic on Wikipedia, as I mentioned earlier that they have detailed content and each article contains different other links inside articles about related things. For example, if you find out the Wikipedia page of Lionel Messi, who is a famous footballer of Argentina and he plays for a Spanish soccer club Barcelona as well. You will find out Wikipedia pages links of the Argentina Soccer team and Barcelona club as well.

This type of link juices is a crucial strategy in SEO, but it should be used with much care and knowledge. SEO experts believe, and even Google knowledge base on Search Engine Optimization guides us to link the most evident and relevant link to the content. So internal links should be made with proper attention to guide and help readers, not just to get good ranking. Valuing the readers is a big lesson to be learned from Wikipedia, many web developers and especially bloggers think that ‘How it will help us by valuing the readers’?

I tell them a simple answer that, when you value your readers and make content for readers, which will be useful for them, they come to your site through search engines. They will like your content and blog and stay on your blog for a maximum time while reading your content, which will indirectly help you in getting a better image in the search engine’s eye.


Relevant resources or relevant information are the heads use for other valuable blogs or websites that a blogger links to his article for guiding and directing readers to another content on another site. Wikipedia also uses this option but excellent care. You have to do it also if you want to do it.

Read more: A detailed material on Wikipedia about Search Engine Optimization, Internal and external linking.

Reference Section on Wikipedia Page
Reference Section on Wikipedia Page

If you want to add a link to any other blog or website, which you think will be useful for your readers to share with them. Make sure you are linking to a site that is not violating any terms and conditions of search engines or any other third parties. Make sure the website links you link to, are not linked to any other sites which are indulged in copyright infringement or violation practices.


You must follow the external links articles and techniques used by Wikipedia. Wikipedia guides a lot about such topics. Most of them are already mentioned in the previous point, which tells us about the quality of site and content you are linking and giving reference in your content.

Conditions are there for webmasters and bloggers to relate your content and link with the blogs and websites according to the best practices criteria given by search engine giants and experts. It is not easy to make the best and most effective link. Always take great care while adding reference links to your content. You can note one thing; Wikipedia will always link to the top sites and blog articles, which means Wikipedia knows the importance and effects of bad links and good quality links. The good quality link means link to those blogs and websites which are working 100% accurately, and your blog or content is relevant to those blogs, which is a crucial thing on your side to analyze first.


I hope you liked my article related to Wikipedia and its SEO techniques and strategies about the Content generation. I studied Wikipedia in a short period, and then it took two days for me to write this article. I hope I delivered something useful to you. If you liked my article, please tell me in the comments section, and I would love to hear your suggestions and opinions related to this topic.

Ruby Singh is a professional content writer and is working for several Magazines including Thrive Global, ReadWrite, Buzzfeed, etc. As her major project, she is currently interviewing a number of freelancers and digital nomads

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