Google Adsense- Scraped Content Error: How to fix it?

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In this article, we will discuss about Scraped Content Error. There are many possible reasons to as why you get Scraped Content Error. This article will cover, why we get Scraped Content Error and do we fix it. So, let’s get going!

I’m here to share my knowledge of how you can avoid Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: SCRAPED CONTENT ERROR with you.

Google Adsense- Scraped Content Error: How to fix it?

Why do you get Scraped Content Error?

The hurtful fact is that newbies these days are more concerned about Google Adsense approval and not the traffic. The Adsense error called the SCRAPED CONTENT ERROR happens-

  • Because of poor quality of the content (too many grammatical errors, content that has been translated from different languages, and uninformative content.
  • Copy-pasted content (content that has been taken up from other sources and directly copy-pasted on your blog), or,
  • Rewritten content from some other website. (content that has been re-written from other sources without adding any value to it)

How to Fix Scraped Content Error?

The best way to overcome situations like these is to create top-notch content. Your audience should always think your content is helpful. Also, work on your content to make it 100% original and unique.

Don’t fill your blog with plagiarized articles. Write some unique, valuable, engaging, and high-quality content for your targeted audience.

Write in-depth and well-optimized blog posts with above 1000 words.

Also, Adsense will not approve your application if you write Adsense prohibited content.

So, make sure your blog has some high-quality content before you apply for Google Adsense.

If you are using WordPress, install the free Rank Math Plugin to optimize your blog content for search engines easily.

You can know more about Rank Match here- 

These simple tactics can help you rank higher on Google too.

Here is another guide in case you need- My Website Got Deindexed From Bing: Here’s How you can fix it?

Official Google AdSense Policy Statement

How You Can Avoid Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: SCRAPED CONTENT ERROR

  • Work hard on your content. Remove all the copied, spun, rewritten content and put brand new content. Also, keep your content 0% plagiarism-free. There are tons of plagiarism websites online where you can check your content. Some of the best tools for checking plagiarism are Copyscape and Quetext. Here is a detailed guide I shared previously on How To Retrieve FREE Content From and Post It On Your Website: 10 Easy Steps On Automation.
  • Avoid short and petit blogs and try to put long blogs on the initial days. Also, use your pictures or copyright free pictures, avoid copy-pasting pictures.
  • Put at least 15-20 blog posts prior to your application for Google Adsense. How many articles do you need to get AdSense approval depends mainly on your niche. As per my experience, professional niches like finance, health will require around 40 articles.
  • Avoid using content from a directory of the article. Copied contents do not do well even if you put a link underneath it.
  • Make the theme of your website mobile-friendly. You can use this guide to optimize images on your website- 10 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins: Best Free & Paid Included
  • Make a strong website that contains everything from Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions, Cookie Policy, About Us, to Contact Us. Also, the Navigation Menus, Logos, and Favicons. You can use these 5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins.
  • Generate a sitemap and upload it to Google and Bing search engines. Also, index all your content before reapplying.
  • If your content includes lyrics, quotes, pictures, or things like that, then I’d tell you to try other niches as these always get the SCRAPED CONTENT ERROR.
  • Always use a top-quality domain, and the loading speed of your website should be between 6-7 seconds. Here is a detailed guide that will help you with- WordPress Website Optimization for Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Maintain your regularity until you get your Adsense approval.
  • Avoid using the same keywords on different blogs. Here is a guide that can help- What is Keyword Cannibalization and How to Avoid it?


At last, focus on your content. If you put effort into your content, then it will pay you back. Other than that, follow the tips mentioned above to avoid SCRAPED CONTENT ERROR. You can also go through our in-depth Google AdSense Guide.

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